Summer Palace and shopping in Beijing

We didn’t plan for many sightseeing today because our legs were already tired adn sore from all the walking in the mountains. We only wanted to see the Summer Palace dan did some shopping before we flew home the next day.

We chose to just go everywhere with Taxi today as we wanted to be flexible of where we wanted to go.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace, in Chinese Yihe Yuan, is now the largest and the most well-preserved imperial garden in China, counted as one of the four famous Chinese imperial gardens (the other three being Chengde Summer Palace, Suzhou Humble Administrator’s Garden, and Suzhou Lingering Garden). It was listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998.

Situated in Haidian District, 15km from downtown Beijing, the Summer Palace occupies an area of 290 hectares, with the lake taking up three quarters of its total area.

It is designed around Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill as the key features, modeled on West Lake in Hangzhou, and draws from design techniques and artistic conception of gardens from the south of China. This large landscaped and well-preserved garden is known as the Chinese imperial garden museum.

Another Yoga session

Garden and the river behind the palace

From the summer palace we took Taxi to Tiananmen square and do our shopping there. For dinner we found Halal La Mian Restaurant, walking distance from our Hotel. This ends our short getaway to China. Bye China…. Hope to see you again next year or the year after.

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