How to prepare your toddler for the long haul flight to Europe

How to prepare your toddler for the long haul flight to Europe

Our trip to Europe would be a 12 hour flights from Jakarta to Istanbul and followed with 2.5 hours flight from Istanbul to Berlin and we had around 2.5 hour transit in Istanbul.

I borrowed Baby Zen Yoyo+ stroller from a friend so I could bring it to airline’s cabin just in case I would need the stroller when we landed in Istanbul for transit. I also only brought one medium size luggage and one hand-carry bag to put our jackets and Alyssa’s stuff to keep her busy. Packing only 1 suitcase for a 2 weeks trip in cold weather was difficult but I didn’t have a choice because I only traveled with Sari and Alyssa so I could only bring what I could carry. Especially also because we would be traveling by trains moving from one city to another.

Here’s Baby Zen Yoyo+ stroller and my hand-carry bag


Baby zen yoyo+ stroller is perfect for traveling because it can be folded small to fit into airlines’ cabin and train compartment. It is easy to be folded and even easier to be opened. It has its weakness Vs a bigger stroller; because its lightweight, it is not sturdy enough when strolling in cobbled stone path. We also have to be careful not to lift the handle when we have to step into higher platform.

We arrived in Cengkareng airport two hours early and I started to worry as nearing boarding time Alyssa actually felt asleep in her stroller. Thank God I have briefed her many times prior to the trip so she remembered my briefing on what to do when boarding the plane. She woke up right away when I told her that we need to board and she walked by herself to the plane.


Turkish airlines crews were also family friendly. When the staff saw me traveling only with Alyssa, he gave me seats in the business class section waiting area and let Alyssa and I boarded first. The stewardess also gave Alyssa some toys. Alyssa was busy watching flight entertainment for the first one hour . Before she slept, I took her to the toilet. I also pumped the plane pal after our flight takes off so Alyssa could sleep flat on her seat.

Alyssa was still sleeping when breakfast was served so I put her food in a lock and lock jar so she could eat them later when she woke up.

Survived first leg

Ready for second leg

In our Second leg we sat in a two row seat which was nicer even though it was on the back. On our flight back I chose the two row seat which turned out to be more convenient if we wanted to go to the toilet.

Alyssa was busy watching movies during our flight to Berlin. Landing in Berlin, we were directed straight to the immigration. Unfortunately I took the wrong queue at the EU lane causing me to have to queue again in the correct lane for other nationals. It was such a long queue with only 2 lanes and we ended up queueing for 1.5 hours. Alyssa was getting bored and playing in the floor.


Coming out from immigration Sari has already been waiting. Her flight from Singapore landed much earlier.

We took a direct bus (TXL Express Bus) from airport to Berlin Hbf (main train Station). Our Hotel was just across the train station. There was a ticket machine near the bus stop and there is an officer who was ready to help if we couldn’t use the machine. It was windy and cold (around 4 degree C) so we were glad that we had our winter jackets ready in our hand-carry bag.


Happy faces to finally arrive safe and warm inside our Hotel.

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