Fairy tale Old town Prague

We said good bye to Berlin as we boarded train to Prague. We were ready with the strategy to board the train as the train wouldn’t stop for long and people would queue to board. When the train came, Alyssa and I would hop on first and I would helped Sari lifting our suitcases and bags. We didn’t reserve seats on the train to Prague so we were confused on how to know which seats are unreserved and which are reserved. Later we found out that there is a small panel with paper above with the window. If there is a writing on destination it means the seat is reserved at that destination. If it is empty it means unreserved. Trains in Germany and Czech is free for children below 6 years old. Alyssa was 3 years old so she was free. But when we bought the ticket we still had to input her name and printed her free ticket.

We bought our train tickets online thru official German Trains website: https://www.bahn.com/en/
The tickets could either be printed or saved to our phone to show the conductor when they later inspect all the passengers for ticket. 

Train from Berlin to Prague took 4hours and 10minutes. Our hotel was actually walkable from Prague train station but it was raining so we ordered uber. We also read that ordering Uber is safer than taking taxi at the booth in the train station. Later we found that we could also take the tram from the train station to our Hotel.

After checking in we started to explore Old Town Prague.

Prague Old Town Square

Prague old town was so much like a fairy tale town. The buildings was preserved and so pretty.

We walked around the square until it got dark at 5pm and had dinner at a Thai restaurant near the square. Thai restaurants become our to go Restaurant throughout our trip as Alyssa always craved for rice and both Sari and I loved thai food.

Us in front of Astronomical tower