How to travel to Hallstatt from Vienna

How to travel to Hallstatt from Vienna

There are various ways to go to Hallstatt from Vienna: by Train, Bus and private car. A lot of people went to Hallstatt as a day trip from Vienna but we wanted to experience Hallstat and stayed for 2 nights.

We were going by train and we saw that we had to change train at Attnang Pucheim station with awfully short time of 11 minutes. I browsed thru the train station website to see if they have elevators and as expected they do and checked in trip advisor if 11 minutes time would be sufficient and apparently it did because all the trains are always on time and Attnang Puchem is a small station. It turned out that the whole process of hoping out from train, saw the monitor to find which platform is the connecting train and went to the platform only took 3-5 minutes.

Arriving in Hallstatt we saw that the station was only a booth and there was no one there.

From there we took the ferry to cross the other site. The Ferry timetable is adjusted with the Train. So there will always be a ferry when we hop off from the plane.

View of Hallstatt as the ferry approaches.The beautiful Hallstatt in the fall:

We called the owner of our apartment when we reached Hallstatt. The owner told us to call her and she she would pick us up as the apartment was 1km away from the jetty. We were initially booked a place near the jetty but it was located way up. So even though it was not far but walking up with a suitcase and a stroller would be painful. We also were not sure if there would be Taxi available so we cancelled that reservation as the owner was also not friendly at all when responded to our questions.

After checking in to our apartment, we walked to the market square where Alyssa started to get cranky and telling us she was starving. We have finished all of our food and the restaurant took forever to bring our food. It was so traumatic to see Alyssa cranky that since then we made sure that we would never caught without any food lol.

The view from our Apartment

Hallstat is so beautiful from every angle that we had to stop at every corner to take pictures. 

We head back to our apartment around 7pm and made our selves soup for dinner.

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