Two days in Hallstatt

Two days in Hallstatt

Even though we had 2 bedrooms apartment, Sari stayed the night in our room because she was afraid of sleeping by herself ๐Ÿ˜‚. After breakfast we walked to the Salt Mine which was very close from our apartment. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the salt mining tour because Alyssa was only 3 years old and the age restriction was 4 years old. So we only took the to go up to Hallstatt Skywalk.

View from the Furnicular

Hallstatt Skywalk

From the bridge we walked to the other sides and the view are also beautiful with fall colors

There was a restaurant on the top so we ordered cappuccino. The cappuccino was too foamy but we let it go because the view up here made up for it.

We could stay longer but Alyssa wanted to eat and we left her food in the locker downstair along with her stroller. So off we went back down with the Furnicular.

We had incident when we wanted to open the locker. Both of us forget where we kept the ticket. The souvenir shop guy had to make some calls and opened his manuals. I think we were the first customer who forgot where to put the key. Thank God he was able to open the locker even though we have to pay a hefty penalty fee.

We head down to the market square to eat in the same restaurant like yesterday as we liked the view and the food was good too. Hallstatt was a very small village so you could explore it in one day but we chose to stay for 2 night so we could also rest and enjoyed the pretty village. It is a perfect village to do nothing and just soak in the view.

After lunch we walked to up to see the other view of Hallstatt called Hallstatt view point and the view was even more beautiful.

Hallstatt View Point

Alyssa was sleeping when we were busy taking pictures at Hallstatt viewpoint but she woke up when we went down and passed by the lake

There is actually an attraction near Hallstatt which is called Dachstein. They have ice cave and a skywalk and you can take a bus to go there from Hallstatt. But after one week of walking everyday we decided to just do nothing and enjoy the beautiful Hallstatt while sipping our coffee and take pictures.

Tomorrow we would be moving to Salzburg and would have to bid farewell to Hallstatt.

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