Day trip to Neuschswanstein Castle

Before getting on with Neuschswanstein castle, let’s get to know Bayern Ticket first. You will need this ticket if you are planning to do day trip from Munich.

What is Bayern Ticket

Bayern ticket is a whole Day Train Ticket Bavaria. The ticket allows up to 5 adults traveling together to use unlimited all regional trains in Bavaria for one day. It is valid on all regional trains in 2nd class. The ticket allows the use of the underground trains (U-Bahn), suburban trains (S-Bahn), trams and public buses in Munich and other Bavarian cities and of almost all public regional bus services beyond Munich (RVO, SEV). The ticket covers also travels to following destinations outside Bavaria: Salzburg, Kufstein, Reutte, Ulm and return.

For families: 1 person of the adult group (parent or grandparent) can be accompanied by an unlimited number of own children/grandchildren aged under 15 for free.

The ticket is valid on:
Weekdays Mon – Fri from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the following day (18 hours)
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from midnight to 3 a.m. the following day (27 hours).

Price of the Bayern-Ticket 1 traveller EUR 26,-, for every person more additionally EUR 8,- (max. 5 adults) valid for 1 person EUR 26,-
valid for 2 persons EUR 34,-*
valid for 3 persons EUR 42,-*
valid for 4 persons EUR 50,-*
valid for 5 persons EUR 58,-*

If you travel exclusive in the night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.,there is also a Bayern-Ticket-Night. The pricing is: 1 traveller EUR 24,-*, for every person more additionally EUR 5,- (max. 5 adults)

You can buy the ticket at ticket machines or online via internet. If you are buying at the ticket counters, you are required to pay service charge of EUR 2,- . There are ticket machines at the railway station, at almost all subway (U-Bahn) and suburban train(S-Bahn) stations and at many tram stops.

How to get to Neuschswanstein Castle

Day trip to Neuschswanstein castle takes a day itself as the train journey alone was around 2 hours and still need to be followed by bus. We purchased Bayern ticket for 24 hours at the ticket machine inside the train station.

We took the train from Munich to Fusen at 09.55am because Bayern ticket can only be used on weekdays after 9am. From Fusen we took bus number 78 which is also covered by our Bayern ticket.

Because November is not a peak season, we didn’t buy the the entrance ticket for the castle online. We thought we would just buy on the spot when we get there. If you are traveling in peak season it is advisable to purchase the ticket online because they limit the number of people inside the castle and there is a time slot for the tour inside the castle. If you buy online ticket, you need to redeem the ticket at the booth 90 minutes before the tour starts.

Bus from Fusen stopped in Schwangau village where the ticket center is located. After purchasing the ticket for the tour, we stopped by at the lake to take pictures. We could see the yellow Hohenswangau Castle from the distance.

Lake in Schwangau Village

There are 3 ways to get to neuschswanstein castle from the ticket center in Schwangau village:

1. Walk uphill for 30-40 minutes
2. Take the bus 3eur two way.
3. take the horse carriage 6eur uphill and 3eur downhill

We chose the bus as we didn’t want to wait for the horse. From the bus stop to the castle we still had to walk downhill for another 10 minutes downhill. This meant when we went back it would be a walk uphill lol. If you really want to avoid the walking uphill the best rute is take the bus to the castle and return back with a horse carriage.

About Neuschswanstein Castle


Neuschswanstein Castle looked exactly like storybook illustrations of your favorite fairy castle with its towers, turrets, frescoes, and throne hall.

As we took the tour inside the castle we learned that the story behind this beautiful castle is less idyllic. King Ludwig II of Bavaria commissioned the cliffside castle in 1868, just two years after Austria and Bavaria were conquered by Prussia during the Austro-Prussian War (sometimes called the Seven Weeks’ War), effectively stripping Ludwig II of his powers. He quickly retreated into a private fantasy world, surrounding himself with opulent castles where he could live out his dreams of being a true, sovereign king. Ludwig II never got to see the final Neuschswanstein. He died in 1886 while the final towers weren’t completed until 1892. But within weeks of his sudden and mysterious death, the magnificent castle was opened to the public, where it quickly became one of the region’s most visited attractions.

The tour took 20 minutes. Be prepared to walk up and down along the stairs and left the stroller outside. Today, more than 1.5 million visitors come to see Germany’s fairy tale castles, making it one of the most visited castles in the world.

We didn’t have time to explore Schwangau Village as as only went for a day trip and the day was not long during autumn. The Bus time table from Schwangau to Fusen is adjusted with the train timetable. There are direct Train from Fusen to Munich but depending on the time some of the trains are not direct. We didn’t realize that our train back to Munich was not a direct train. We were confused when the train stopped at some random station and everybody was coming out. Luckily we asked around and found out that we had to change our train 😅.

The best angle to take picture of Neuschswanstein Castle was actually from Marienbruck bridge, not far from the bus stop. Unfortunately the bridge was closed for renovation when we went there. You could see Hohenschwangau castle from the distance taken as we walked to Neuschswanstein castle.

Us with Schwangau castle in the background

We arrived back in Munich around 8pm and we head straight to nearby Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner. This was our last night in Munich. Tomorrow Sari’s flight would be in the afternoon while my flight would be in the evening.

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