Flying home from Munich

Flying home from Munich

Finally our Europe Bavarian trip came to and end. This was the first I went holiday for 2 weeks plus and felt it was about time to go home. I usually only went for short holiday and always felt that it was too short lol.

Our flight was scheduled in early evening so I had time to go see the English garden with Alyssa. I wanted to find her a playground for her to burn her energy so she can sleep soundly on the flight.

English Garden

Munich’s English Garden is not only the largest city park in Germany – it covers an area of 910 acres – it’s also one of the most beautiful. Naturally arranged groups of trees and plants offer ever-changing vistas, and nine kilometers of winding streams and an artificial lake complete the impression of a natural landscape.

Designed in 1785 as a military garden, the English Garden attracts walkers, joggers, and cyclists to its 78 kilometers of pathways and bridle paths. It’s also a pleasant place to sunbathe and picnic, and you can stop for a snack or drink at the Chinesischen Turm (Chinese Tower), a 25-meter-tall pagoda.

In 1972, a Japanese garden was created on an island at the southern end of the garden to house an authentic teahouse, a gift in honor of the 1772 Olympics. The park also contains the Bavarian National Museum, with its fine collection of medieval German sculptures and tapestries, and the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection, which displays local prehistoric artifacts.

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel to check out and decided to go straight to the airport so I had plenty of time for applying tax refund. We took the taxi from Hotel to the train station so I don’t have to carry my suitcases and bag who have gained more weight. From the train station we took Lufthansa Express Bus to the airport.

More about Lufthansa express bus :

Tax refund Process in Munich Airport

After checking in, I asked to drop my suitcase later because I need to declare my purchases for the Tax refund process. Custom check for Tax refund is located in terminal 1B. The officer was a nice lady who only checked our passport and stamped our forms without looking at our suitcases. I think she was charmed by Alyssa lol. After getting our forms stamped we dropped the suitcase and I continued to the Tax Refund Counter. Global Blue Tax refund is counter is across the Custom checking while the other company was located on the lower ground and operated by a Bank.

Done with Tax refund Alyssa found a playground so I let her play for 15 minutes before proceeding to passport control. There was a long queue in passport control so it is advisable to spare 3-4 hours prior to the flight so we were not in a rush.

Flying home was trickier as connecting flight from Istanbul was full with umrah passengers. However Turkish airlines crew was very responsive with families with children. When they see me traveling only with Alyssa, they immediately helped me with my bags and let us boarded first. When we had to take the bus, other passenger was also nicely helped me carrying Alyssa’s stroller. The stewardess also gave  Alyssa a toy and chocolate milk so she was happy.

This ends our girl trip and it was the first trip after Alyssa was fully potty trained few months before. I was so happy that Alyssa didn’t once pee on her pant. She was also very cooperative and cheerful throughout our trip for one exception when we were late for lunch and we didn’t have any food left lol.

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