Labuan Bajo

Our flight leaving on time from Jakarta. So excited!!!! It has been 8 years the last time I went to Labuan Bajo with my BFF Sari. This time I am back with the rest of the family

Alyssa getting busy drawing. Citilink being a budget airlines doesn’t have entertainment system so I have packed her coloring books and stickers to keep her entertained

Labuan Bajo airport has been revamped and modernized compared to when I went in 2010.

Green Hill Hotel

Jeffry is picking us up at the airport and drove us to Green Hill Hotel where we are staying for one night before sailing the next day.

Green Hill Hotel is value for money and centrally located within center of Labuan Bajo. It is next to La Pirate Hotel and opposite Mediterannio Restaurant. We didn’t want to spend too much money on hotel just for a night because we are going sailing tomorrow morning and we wanted to stay somewhere central.

All rooms in Green Hill Hotel has a terrace overlooking the sea and Labuan Bajo port. The also have a budget hostel, named Greenhill bed station which offer dorm rooms with even cheaper price.

View from the terrace

La Cecile Hotel and Cafe

La Cecile is the best place in town to see sunset. We got there at 5am and were lucky to get a table with uninterrupted view. La Cecile is perched on a hill so it has a good view of sunset. It is also close to the airport.

Initially I wanted to stay at La Cecile Hotel but it was already fully booked. They don’t have many rooms so if you want to stay here, you need to book ahead.

We left La Cecile when it got dark and head to the Beach Shacks on the port to have grilled seafood. We ordered fish and shrimps and ate them on a table by the beach. They were fresh and tasted really good! We head back to Hotel on foot as traffic got congested and our Hotel was only 600 meter away.

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