Short getaway Itinerary to Komodo National Park

I initially wanted to extend Christmas holiday to also do Flores overland tour but Hubbie can not take any leave outside public holiday just like last year and this time we are doing the trip just on our own so I decided to just go back on the 26th as Flores overland involve a lot of trekking and I need Hubby to carry Alyssa.

So here’s our short itinerary.

Day 1: Fly Jakarta-Labuan Bajo using Citilink airlines.
Stay the night in Labuan Bajo Hotel

Day 2: Start Sailing/Live aboard
Visit Kelor Island and Teluk Manjarite, Rinca Island and Padar Island. Berthing in Padar Island

Day 3: Live aboard
Swimming/snorkeling in Long Beach (Pinky Beach), Taka Makasar and Manta Point. Berthing in Kanawa Island

Day 4: Live aboard
Swimming/snorkeling in Kanawa Island. Lunch in the boat and sailing back to Labuan Bajo.
Stay the night in Labuan Bajo Hotel.

Day 5: Fly back to Jakarta

This was my second trip to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park as I have done the same trip with Sari back in 2010. For hubby and kids this would be their first time.

The common mistake people do is thinking you can see see Komodo dragons in Labuan Bajo itself. Labuan Bajo is just a gateway to Komodo National park which can only be visited with boats. And one day trip is not enough to cover all the famous island and spot within KNP.

How to get to Labuan Bajo

  1. You can fly direct from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo using Garuda or Citilink. We flew with Citilink and surprisingly with a cheaper price Vs Garuda, Citilink has a bigger plane.
  2. Fly from Bali

Labuan Bajo airport has been revamped as well compared to 2010 as KNP has gained a lot of popularity with foreign and domestic tourists. There is no public transportation to take you from airport to Hotel. You should arranged transportation with your Hotel or asked your boat agent.

These days you have more option in exploring Komodo National Park.

  1. Base yourself in Labuan Bajo Hotel and do day trip using either fast speed boat or a regular boat.
  2. Sailing and live aboard. You can join a group with other people and there are various boats you can choose depend on your budget. Or rent your own private boat like what we did.

My live aboard trip was arranged by Jeffry Buana , the same local agent who arranged my trip back in 2010. I have recommended him to some of my friends who went to Labuan Bajo and I haven’t received any complaints.

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