Liveaboard Day 1

When we were on the ship we heard news of a ship sunked in Padar island. We got very worried as it is in our itinerary and we really wanted to go there.

Padar island is one of the most favourite spot and was only gotten popular in 2013. Apparently the wind is very strong around the area. Jeffry told us to leave the decision to our boat captain whether we will be able to go to Padar or not. The ship which was sunked was a day trip boat leaving from LBJ at 5am and arrived Padar at 8am.

We started sailing at around 10am and head to Pulau Kelor and Teluk Menjarite.

Pulau Kelor is small island with a white sandy beach and it has a hill where you can climb and took instgrammable picture where you can have the island in a backdrop. There is no stairs and it was a pretty steep climb. Going up is easier than down.

I set up the mat for the kids so they can play on the sands. Alyssa brought her sand equipment and started playing with Fabio. I got the boat crew to watch over them while Hubby and I climbed the hill.

The view from the top. You need to wear proper sport shoes to climb for safety as there is no proper stairs and it is pretty steep.

Back to our boat we are continuing to Rinca island to meet with the dragons. It is easier to spot komodo in Rinca Vs komodo island because it is a smaller island.

We actually saw a young komodo crossing the road before we even got to the main area to meet with the ranger.

We got to see quite a lot of komodo in our trek and the ranger took few pictures with certain angle so it looks like we stand very close to the dragons. I was scared when We had our pictures taken but we did have the rangers watching the komodo closely. The ranger also took us to the area where the female komodo is laying her eggs. She was creating several holes to make it harder for other animals to find her eggs. The female komodo will watch the egg for 3 months only and after 9 months around March these eggs will hatch and baby komodo once out will instinctively find a tree to climb for their survival because komodo dragons will eat their own species.

june-july is the mating season and in August the female komodo will get pregnant and gets very agressive. The eggs will hatch around May. We also learned that male komodo can live up to 50 years while the female one only live up to 30 years.

After Rinca the Captain told us that he will try to go to Padar Island. He told us to retreat to our rooms as the wind will be strong and he doesnt want us getting wet. Inside our room we can feel the wave is very high. Thank God Alyssa sleeps right away so she doesnt get sea sick. I gave Fabio antimo as precaution.

alhamdulillah We finaly reached Padar in 2 hours… and almost in time to catch sunset. Fabio was still sleepy from the antimo so he stay put but Alyssa is awake so she is coming with us. Captain told us the wave reached to 1.5m and he wanted to go back but it was 2/3 of the journey already so he pressed on. Alhamdulillah we made it to Padar island safe and sound.

There are stairs in Padar island which was built last year but it was a long hike to get to the top. Hubby could only carry Alyssa half way. We asked her if she’d like to be carried by boat crew but instead she choose to walk herself.

The stairs to the top:

We went down after it start to get darker

Back to the ship we had a shower and waited for dinner.

The wind was strong at night so we all had to wear our windbreaker. Our ship docked near Padar for the night.

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