Liveaboard Day 2

Nothing beats waking up to a view from a boat

Breakfasting with a view overlooking Padar island.

Captain told us he will make the move to long beach together with other ships as the wind is still very strong and Long beach is located on the other side of Padar island.

We managed to reach Long Beach in 20 minutes and past the sydney opera look alike

Long beach also has pinky sand just like pink beach in Komodo island but it has a longer stretch of beach. As we approached the beach we could see many deers on the left side of the beach.

Long beach is breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen! It also has many beautiful corals with a lot of fish not so far from the beach.

Alyssa play on the sand while Fabio occasionally snorkel with Hubby and I

We took our beach tent and mat so Alyssa can stay there is she gets tired but she is busy playing and swimming

We head back to the ship around 11 and sail to Taka Makasar

Taka Makasar is a crescent shaped beach in the middle of the ocean. It is so unique with a light blue and dark blue colour gradation. It is actually a sand dunes similar with ngurtafur beach in Kei but smaller. I didnt get to Taka Makasar in 2010 because it was raining when we got there and the sea was choppy.

We had lunch in the boat after another swim in Taka Makasar

All the food we have in the boat is always delicious with a lot of variety. All the boat crew I have been with really know how to cook

After lunch we sail to Manta Point. I didn’t spot any Manta when I was there in 2010 so I really hope I can spot few mantas here as the weather has been good.

There is a lot of ships in Manta point and everyone are looking for Manta. Hubby and I prepared our gears and ready to jump when boat crew told us to jump. The water is around 4 meters deep and the current is pretty strong so we only jump and snorkel when we see the manta. I spotted one Manta on on my first jump but It was too far for a picture. I got lucky on my second jump, I got to see 4 mantas and took pictures

Satisfied finally seeing Manta with my own eyes we finally leave the place and head to Pulau Kanawa where we’re going to dock for the night

After dark