Ayana hotel Labuan Bajo

Our flight back to Jakarta is in the afternoon at 3.50pm so we still have time to do some swimming and go for a nice lunch.

We checked out from Hotel and Jeffry picked us up at 11.30 so we could go to Ayana Hotel and had lunch there. Ayana is a brand new Hotel in Labuan Bajo and one of the two 5 star Hotel in town.

Ayana Hotel is located in Waecicu Beach. Beach in Labuan Bajo is nothing to write about but Labuan Bajo is famous as the gateway to Komodo National Park (KNP). If you want to visit KNP, you will need to fly to Labuan Bajo and start your excursion there. You can can base yourself in Labuan Bajo and do day trip to islands in KNP area or like us sail in a liveaboard boat.

I still think sailing in a liveaboard boat is the best way to explore KNP and a special experience by itself. But I understand there are people who are not keen in sleeping on a boat or still want to have the luxury of staying in a Hotel.

Ayana Hotel is a good answer for people who still want to visit KNP in style and stay in a luxury hotel. Ayana has its own boat who takes their guest for day trip.

Ayana has a long jetty, my favorite spot to enjoy the view and do nothing. If Hubby didn’t fly home earlier I’d have chosen to stay in Ayana for our last night in Labuan Bajo to unwind after 3 days living in a boat.

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