How to do Rome in 2 days

Day 1
We survived the long haul flight from BKK to Roma. Achita was still watching movies on first leg flight but then half way she fell asleep and she continued sleeping until we boarded the second leg to Roma. She woke up briefly to eat her dinner and then went back to sleep on her plane pal.

We landed in Roma on time at 06.50 am and to my surprise Italian immigration is very efficient and very family friend. When the officer saw Alyssa in her stroller he gave me a fast track lane and we were second in line. Wow… the whole immigration clearance took only 15 minutes. (I remembered last year in Berlin, the immigration clearance took almost 2 hours!). I didn’t expect we would be cleared so fast and there was no traffic from airport to Termini. We took the airport bus which is more expensive than teravision Bus but it departed earlier. We only paid for 3 person as Achita is free. As we could only check in to the airbnb after 10am, we decided to store our luggage at the train station and reschedule appointment with the airbnb guy at 2pm. There is also Leonardo Express Train which is faster (25 minutes travel time) but more expensive at Eur14 (children under 12yo free). However if we landed in the morning it seems pointless to use the train as the travel time is not that big of a difference but it cost twice more expensive.

We only traveled with 2 medium suitcases, a yoyo stroller (perfect and most favourite travelling stroller which can be stored in airlines cabin) and plane pal. Each of us carry our personal backpack (sling back for me). Even though we traveled for 2 weeks each of us only bring 7 tops and 4 pants so our stuff can fit into our 2 suitcases. We brought an extra hand luggage for later when we bought more stuff along the way. I made sure we traveled light because there would be days where DH was not with us and I need to make sure Fabio and I can handle the 2 suitcases (meaning we can actually lift the stroller when needed plus the stroller).

Arriving in Termini, we dropped our suitcases in Left Luggage store managed by KiPoint inside the train station. For each piece of baggage service fees are € 6,00 for the first 5 hours, € 1/hour from the 6th to the 12th hour, and € 0,50 for every additional hour. More info here:

We bought several bus tickets from the tobacco store (Eur 1.5). Children under 10 is free. There is a Roma Pass option for 48hr and 72hr but after doing some maths buying bus tickets and museum tickets separately is cheaper for us. Especially as we only planned to go to Colloseum (which ticket include Roman Forum and Palatine Hills) and Vatican Museum (include Sistine Chapel). Children below 18yo also free to enter museum exception for Vatican museum were 6-18yo pay reduced fee (50%).

Our first stop is Piazza Navona which is still empty in the morning (Later I found out it is more enjoyable to visit this piazza in the evening as we can hear the street musician playing).

From Piazza Venezia we walked to Trevi Fountain and made a brief stop to see wooden pinoccio store

I looked fat in here lol

We actually passed Pantheon on the way to Trevi fountain but DH insisted we saw the fountain first before the sun made it impossible for a good photo session. Alright! Trevi fountain was buzzing with people and it takes skill to find a good photo spot without too many people swarming around you.

See the swarming people behind us lol
Our first Gelato in Italy which is soon followed by many many gelato throughout the trip

The sun is getting hotter so we decided to skip Pantheon today and went straight to the Spanish steps as it is closer before making it back to the train station.

The crowded Spanish Steps

Going back from Spanish steps to the bus stop I had to restrained myself from entering my favourite branded shops. Seriously it took so much efforts to put on a self restraint lol

We didn’t have much time for lunch so we went to eat at McD in front of the train station, took our suitcases (it took us 30 minutes to retrieve our suitcases due to the long queue) and queue for Taxi (the queue is long due to the heat). Lesson learnt: do not take Taxi from the Taxi queue at Termini train station: (1) the staff who manages the queue requested a tip. DH gave him EUR5 and the taxi is not metered and asked for EUR 20 for a less than 10 minutes drive.

We checked in alright to our airbnb and freshen up before headed to Colloseum (We booked ticket for 16.20 entrance). We took a metro to the Colloseum. I felt so much better after taking a bath and able to dress properly for the weather. Our airbnb is nicely located near the bus stop and not too far from the nearest metro stop.

When we reached Colosseum I felt so glad that we have got the ticket so we can skip the extremely long queue. (We bought the ticket at the official website here: ) We went straight to the security queue and then I went to the reservation counter to pick up our tickets and the free tickets for the children. There is elevator which we could use to go up and it was strictly for stroller and wheelchair.

Coloseum from the outside
from the other side
From inside, second level
Achita was sleeping and missed the whole Coloseum trip lol

Even though the ticket came with entrance timed but once inside we are free to stay as long as we want (until they close the Coloseum). We had dinner in a place not too far from the Coloseum, which is actually too touristy but everybody was hungry. The food turned out okay. We took the bus back to the house and called it a day. The nicest part of travelling in summer is the sun only set at 9.30pm so the day is long.

Day 2

We started the day with coffee which I badly needed as Achita woke up at 3am and refused to let me go back to sleep. Coffee in Italy is so cheap and good. Drink at the bar standing is only EUR 1.2 and in a table EUR 1.5 It is even cheaper than my Deli2go coffee back home.

After everybody’s tummy is happy we took a bus to Pantheon which we didn’t get to visit yesterday

From Pantheon we walked to Villa Borghese to have lunch there and let Achita have some playground time

We spent few hours there sitting in the shade while Achita playing and then we walked home as it was getting hotter with heatwave already started.

We scrapped the plan on going to Roman Forum and Palatine hills because it was too hot to walk in the open area and there was not many shades in those 2 places. So we opted to stay back and went out later for dinner and check out shops.

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