Visiting Vatican with kids

If you read travel forums you would see people suggest not to go to Vatican museum with kids because it is always crowded and kids may not enjoy being in a museum for too long. I read few articles that there are families who bring their kids to the museum but we have to be realistic. I crossed guided tours because Achita would not have the patient so we just had to DIY with the help of Rick Steves audio tour. I strongly recommend to download Rick Steves audio tour prior to your trip as it really helped if you didn’t go with a guide. I downloaded some of his audio tours and listened to it throughout my Italy trip.

We bought Vatican museum ticket online from the official website here:

Alyssa was still free but Fabio need to pay for the reduced ticket.

Today was the day where Hubby had to leave to Jakarta for his urgent office meeting so I had to made do with 2 kids by myself. We took the bus to Vatican City where we will start our day by visiting Vatican Museum. I have bought the bus tickets at the nearby tobacco store. Tips: best to calculate how many you would need and buy them in one go. Sometimes they can be difficult to find.

We arrived in Vatican Museum too early as our ticket entrance was only 10am. So we went to a nearby cafe and had some breakfast. I made sure kids tummies are filled so they were not cranky when we spent a long time in the museum

Tips: cafe near Vatican was overpriced so it was actually best to have breakfast near your place. And we could only enter museum according to our entrance time in the ticket

We entered the museum at 10am and saw a ridiculously long queue which we managed to skip. There are few routes of how you could see the museum and they would all ended in Sistine Chapel. We chose the routes which did not have to involve stairs yet. There were routes with stairs here and there along the museum route. I was sure there was a path for wheelchair for user but as Achita was awake I just folded her stroller and carry it as needed. Yoyo stroller is truly the best when it comes to traveling.

I briefed Achita when we finally got to Sistine Chapel that she had to stay quiet. We were also not allowed to take any pictures inside the chapel.

We went outside to see the Vatican garden and I got really confused on how to walk to St Peter Basilica from inside the Vatican. We finally found an exit but it took us back to the museum entrance.

Frustrated I finally decided to go for lunch first and then figured out how to make our way back inside to visit St Peter Basilica. We had lunch in McDonald which was always the easiest option and found that the entrance to Vatican was not too far. So after lunch we went back inside Vatican and saw the long queue to enter St Peter Basilica lol. St Peter Basilica was free so we could not skip the lines. There might be an entrance to St Peter Basilica from the museum which could skip the queue but we could not find it and we were already starving so we got to go out and had lunch first anyway. Achita was asleep already so Fabio and I braved ourselves to queue in the heat. I got my umbrella and Fabio had his hat. What I missed was portable fan!!!!!

When we finally passed security clearance, apparently stroller was not allowed to enter inside St Peter. So Fabio and I took turned to enter St Peter while the others waiting with Achita still sleeping

Achita finally awoke as we made our way out from Vatican city.

We walked ahead to see Castel Sant Angelo which is just next to Vatican. We didn’t come inside and just took pictures from the outside.

From there we continued walking to Campo di Fiore as it looked like a nice walk in the shade and we could always stop for more gelato

On the way we stumbled into Piazza Navona again but this time it was so much nicer with street musician playing. We rested there and just relaxing while Achita busy chasing and counting all the pigeons 😂

When we finally reached Campo di Fiore, it was already closed. So we took a bus home passing Piazza Venezia which look really pretty.

I took the kids to have dinner in Japanese restaurant close to the apartment because Achita was craving rice. She was so excited that she finished 3/4 of the rice and fell asleep after her tummy was full. Tomorrow we were going to leave Roma and took the train to Firenze.

Alyssa happy to have rice