Trip to Firenze and Panzano in Chianti without a car

Our Freccia train to Firenze was scheduled at 08.35 and this time I was smarter. I downloaded My Taxi apps and book Taxi via apps so I didn’t get ripped off again like Day 1. Taxi came so fast and it only cost me €6.9 😎

Us in the Cab

We had breakfast at the train station while waiting to see where our platform was going to be.

Kids having breakfast
Inside the Train

Traveling time to Firenze was only 1.5hour. Once arrived in Firenze, we quickly located left luggage storage which was on the left side of the station when you were coming out. We also checked where the SITA bus station was, and found that it was on the opposite site. I bought Bus ticket to Panzano for later after we have finished walking around Firenze.

The heatwave already started in Firenze so I bought bus tickets to take us to Duomo even though it was only 2km walk from the station.

The bus was more like a mini bus and small enough to be able to drive thru Firenze small alleys.

Inside the mini Bus

Firenze was actually pretty compact and could be explored by walking. But with the heatwave, the weather was too hot to walk at 37C 😰

We tried walking in shades as many as we could, did many stops and the more reason for gelato to keep kids happy.

Firenze Alley
David replica in front of the museum
Firenze leather market
Street Artist

Firenze Duomo

After seeing Duomo and walked around Firenze, we picked a restaurant for lunch and had a bit of a rest before going back to train station and continue our journey to Panzano. we were supposed to take the bus back but somehow I couldn’t find where the bus stop was so we finally just walked back to the Train Station.

When we walked to SITA bus station we found there was actually another left luggage store called stow your bag which was closer to SITA bus station. A better option if you were going to continue to Tuscany region by SITA bus. We came on time to the Bus Station and boarded on the bus. The Bus thankfully had air conditioning and Fabio quickly fell asleep while Alyssa prefer to read her book. The journey to Panzano in Chianti would take around 1 hour.

The journey to Chianti region was very scenic. We passed thru many famous rolling hills of Chianti and the vine yards. We dropped off at Panzano bus stop, which was located in the town square and called our Host, Rosalba who said that she would pick us up. Rosalba was very understanding of our situation and helped us contacting a private driver so we could do sightseeing for the next day.

Panzano Town Square

Panzano was a cute little village in Chianti next after Greve. I chose Panzano, albeit it is a smaller village Vs Greve because it was located up in the hill so it was much cooler Vs Strada and Greve. Rosalba’s house was located in the upper part of the street which made it even cooler. Such a breeze in the middle of heatwave.

I quickly fell in love with Rosalba’s house. It was as what I imagined a Tuscany house would be like and I love the backyard. We had a nice view of the vineyard and Achita got her slide and swings. The house was family friendly as well. There were many dolls and toys for Achita to play. It did however get hot in the bedroom on the second floor but Rosalba put a fan which helped.

Alyssa and her swing
Dining Room
Our lovely backyard
Our lovely airBnb House
BBQ outdoor area

In the evening we walked down to the square to find Dario Restaurant as recommended by Rosalba. We were very lucky to be able to get a spot without prior reservation for dinner. Dinner only started at 8pm so we killed time by strolling around Panzano and found a perfect photo spot not far from the bus stop

Chianti killer view. The famous rolling hills of Chianti

Dining at Dario Restaurant in Panzano

Dining at Dario was one of the best carnivore dinner I ever had. It was an all you can eat meat. Dinner started at 8 and we sat together with other guests on a long table and wait for the waitress to serve us. The meat was so good and even Achita enjoyed the meat because they were juicy and tender. I was so full I couldn’t eat more after the 3rd course but Fabio had such a big appetite, he could finish all the meal and said it was one of the best meal he ever had 😄
We were so lucky to get a spot without reservation. I was not even aware how famous Dario restaurant was and that the Restaurant was located in Panzano 😅

Here is more about Dario:

Restaurant front
the front of the Butcher shop
The famous Dario
The Menu
Dario asking the customers for feedback after dinner

Dinner finished around 10pm and everybody was so full. We walked back to the house with Achita already asleep on her stroller. It has been a long day but ended with such a nice meal experience ❤️