One day in San Gimignano and Sienna

We were going to brace the heatwave today by going to San Gimignano (which I read would be one of the city in North Italy impacted most by heatwave). I must be crazy but we were already in Tuscany and it’d be a shame to miss San Gimignano. So off we go!

Today’s weather

Alessandro, our driver picked us up at home and we stopped first at coop supermarket to buy some snacks for Fabio and Achita. Road from Panzano to San Gimignano was also very scenic. I could not get tired with the beautiful rolling hills of Chianti. The dids of course fell asleep as soon as the car starts lol

Alessandro our driver
Kids fell asleep lol

Alessandro dropped us in front of San Gimignano’s wall as cars were not allowed to enter within the city wall. We stopped for lunch first as Achita was awake. She asked for spaghetti and finished half portion, not bad!

After lunch we started strolling and tried to walk as much in the shade and took many stops to just enjoy the ambiance and of course tasted some gelatos, drink a lot and slap more sunscreen.

Kids are ready with caps and sunnies

I would’ve spent more time and walk more if it was not that hot on that day. I saw people were doing the same and took it easy.

After we covered all the highlights we walked back to the car and asked Alessandro to drive to Sienna. It was only a 30 minutes drive to Sienna. The car again could only drop us at the city wall. Alessandro told us to walk straight to Duomo which would be the center of Sienna.

What I didn’t realized, Sienna was uphill and duomo was in the upper part lol. Achita was of course sleeping when I had to push the stroller and dealing with the stairs 😓

I almost thought I was about to have a mild heart attack after the last climb with stroller hahaha. And then I saw the view and felt much better

The sleeping girl

I found the heat was more bearable in Sienna because they had more alleys thus more shaded Vs San Gimignano. But both are charming medieval cities.

We stopped by for more gelato from Nannini cafe as we walked back to the car.

We arrived home just in time for dinner. Rosalba, our host made homemade pasta with truffle cheese and strawberry dessert which OMG tasted soooo good

If you ever needed a driver in Chianti I could recommend Alessandro who is based in Greve in Chianti. His car was very comfortable and he was also polite, friendly and drive well.