What to expect when taking a train from Cinque Terre to Milan

I loved Manarola so much that I delayed my train to 11.58 not realizing that my trip to Milan would be using 2 regional trains instead of just 1. The usual route would consist of 1 Regional train and 1 intercity train. I had no idea that they don’t have air conditioning in Regional train and traveling without air conditioning in the summer afternoon were not a good idea. I was so blessed that nobody complained and thought of it as part and parcel of a holiday. My kids even though they were sweating, they fell asleep as soon as the train started moving 😅

So don’t made the same mistake as I was. Looked at carefully what type of train you would be using.

There are 4 types of trains run by Trenitalia

1. Freccia trains: the fastest and most comfortable. I took this from Roma to Firenze

2. Eurostar/city trains: also high speed and usually inter country. It can be booked 3 months before and easily sold out. I took this from Milan to Spiez

3. Intercity train: has first class and second class and have aircon

4. Regional train: the slowest, only have second class and no aircon

Anyhow we made use of our last morning in Manarola, so it was not all bad 😅

We took one last look of Manarola before going back to our apartment to pack.

My favorite view of Manarola

We finally left and walked to the station and wait for our train (and later suffer in heat inside the train 😓)


Arriving in Milan, we only had to do a short walk to our Hotel: C Atlantis. We all had to shower after sweating in a hot train before seeing Duomo and met a good friend of mine who lived in Milan for dinner.

Achita was excited seeing so many pigeons in the duomo and started chasing them 🙂

Dinner with Mario and wife

After dinner Mario drove us to see Duomo at night which looked more majestic against the stark dark sky.

Duomo at night

We only spent a very short time in Milan because we only stayed here to to break the journey from Cinque Terre to Grindelwald (Switzerland) and to catch up with my good friend who live in Milan. One night is not enough to cover Milan but sometimes you had to make do with the time that you have.

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