Schiltorn and Lauterbrunnen in a day

Weather forecast is not looking good today. After one full week of heatwave we could see temperature dropping and according to forecast we would have cloudy days with rain until Thursday. Not looking good for mountain excursion and definitely crossed out Jungfraujoch. I am not going to pay the exorbitant fee going up and then saw nothing. Plan B is going up to Schiltorn thru lauterbrunnen.

There is no self service ticket machine in Grund, only ticket office. The sales lady was very friendly, she showed us webcam live of Jungfraujoch which was not looking good and the forecast on that area. She also advised us the route to Schiltorn via Lauterbrunnen which would be cheaper.

Arriving in Lauterbrunnen there is actually 2 routes to go to Schiltorn (1) bus to stechelberg and then cable ride to Murren and then cable ride to Birg and continue Schiltorn or (2) cable ride to Grutschalp, train ride to Murren and continue cable ride to Birg and Schiltorn.

The first ticket office we saw when stepping of the train was the ticket office to Grutschalp so we decided to just take the Grutschalp route #lazy Grutschalp route is more expensive but probaby the fastest

In Total going up to Schiltorn require 3 cable rides and passing 2 interesting places Murren and Birg. To me it is the journey to Schiltorn which makes it even more interesting than just Schiltorn itself.

Cable ride to Gruschalp

From Grutschalp we are taking the train passing Winteregg which also looks beautiful. The train journey itself is already interesting, passing so many beautiful view

Murren is very pretty and I’d love to stay here if getting here doesnt require taking cable ride everytime. From murren station we had to walk some more to reach the cable ride to Schiltorn. It was a nice walk which got us to see more of Murren

Made many stops because the view is too beautiful

There is another ride to Almendhubel flower park which features a large playground but we didn’t have time to visit.

It started to rain as we reach the cable car. I hope it will be more sunny up there

We finally reached Schiltorn at 2970m above ground. Schiltorn features a panoramic revolving restaurant at the summit, Piz Gloria was featured in the 1969 James Bond movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. A black ski run featured in the film starts at the summit and leads down to the Engetal below Birg. The restaurant revolves a full 360 degrees in 55 minutes, slightly faster than the minute hand of a clock.

In a clear day from Schiltorn you can see Titlis, along Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to Mont Blanc and into the Black Forest. (Resource from Wikipedia)

Before we explored further kiddos told us they were hungry so we had lunch first their cafe inside. There is a path outside where you can walk to observation tower and to small viewing area

Inside we have small theatre playing James bond movie featuring Schiltorn and there is also a special area dedicated for that movie

Checked out the ladies toilet. When you wash your hand you can hear James Bond whispering to you to get a nightcap in his room lol

We spent few hours in Schiltorn before finally descending down to Birg to try the thrill walk.

We took turn in doing the walk because Achita didn’t want to walk further and wanted to just rest. The thrill walk excites the adults more than the kids lol

The glasswalk in bridge is somewhat similar to the glasswalk in Tianmen mountain in China which I went last year, also with cable ride.

Satisfied playing in Birg we went down back to Murren and have a lunch picnic there

Back to Lauterbrunnen we strolled around the city before it started raining and we hurried back to train station

We had a full day well spent and the day ended with a nice rainbow we saw at the Grund