Nusa Penida trip

Nusa Penida day trip from Bali has been booming so much in Instagram. White sands with dramatic landscape of blue sea has been so inviting. My friends and I decided to take a 2D1N trip to Nusa Penida when we were in Bali for our team away day. We landed in Bali in the evening and stayed in Mercure Sanur as our boat to Nusa Penida leave from Pantai Matahari terbit in Sanur.

Seafood dinner in Sanur
Sanur beach after sunrise

The boat is scheduled to leave at 8am but the actual departure in 8.30am. I made a mistake of dragging my suitcase to Nusa Penida and found that we had to walk on the beach for 1km to the boat. And also wear sandals and light trousers because you will need to go into the water as high as your knee when you board the boat.

Us in front of our boat

When we arrived 45 minutes later we are picked up by our guide from Infonusapenidatour

Our first destination: Angel Bilabong

It is a pretty scene but in reality the place is crowded and it was not even weekend. To get a picture like this you need to line up in a queue to take turns lol.

Our group

Our second stop is called Broken beach. The road condition in Nusa Penida badly need improvement. Because of all the potholes and many areas are gravel road, it takes time to get from one spot to another

Broken beach

We stopped for lunch in our third stop Kelinking beach. Lunch is provided by the tour. It is a simple lunch box as there isn’t any decent restaurant near our destinations. Kelingking beach is such a beautiful sight. To get the picture you need to find the perfect spot so you capture the unique angle and our guide truly made an effort in climbing a tree just so we can get that pretty picture

Our last stop for the day is Diamond beach which to me is the highlight of Nusa Penida. There are stairs to take to go down but the last 1/3 of the journey is pretty steep and it will be a challenge for little kids.

I was too lazy to bring a swimwear because there is no proper place to change into but I felt disappointed when I saw the beach. I knew I should have made an effort 🥺

We reluctantly made our way back which is a struggle having to climb 1000+ steps 🤣

See how steep it is

Our last destination for the day is Crystal bay beach to see sunset. We got just in time for Lilian to set up her camera to be ready to catch sunset.

There was still one place we were going to visit to see sunrise before we catch our ferry back to Bali. Our guide picked us up at 4am and drove us to Rumah Kayu Molenteng

That concludes our short trip to Nusa Penida. It would have been nicer to stay a bit longer and enjoy the places in shorter pace. Most people just do day trip to Nusa Penida which I think is a shame because there is a lot of places to visit and the road condition make it harder to cover everything in one day. My suggestion is to spare 2 nights to stay in Nusa Penida so you get to enjoy playing on the beach as well ❤️

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