How to spend half a day in Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum is a short drive from Four Season Hotel. We took London Cab and reached there before it opens at 9am. A lot of people were already there waiting for the museum to open.

You need pay additional fee if you want to take pictures using camera. Taking pictures from mobile phone is free.

The Egyptian museum in Cairo houses over 120,000 artifacts, including the contents of Tutankhamen’s tomb and most of the mummies that have been discovered since the 19th century.

The museum’s exhibits span from the beginning of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt (approximately 2700 BC) through the Greco-Roman period.The building consists of two floors.

On the ground floor, you can follow the history of Egypt from the Old Kingdom up through the Greco-Roman period by turning left at the entrance and looping around the museum. This provides a good background for most of Egypt’s ancient history.

Upstairs the museum is organized thematically with a large portion of the area taken up the exhibit of the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb, including his famous funerary mask. Also upstairs is the room dedicated to the beautiful jewelry discovered in the Royal Tombs of Tanis.

Another highlight of the museum, the Royal Mummy Room, requires the purchase of a separate ticket. Inside you can see the mummies of some of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs, including Ramesses II, Seti I, and Egypt’s only queen, Hatshepsut.

After spending a good time in ground floor we went upstairs and went into the Mummies room first to avoid the crowd later. A lot of people visit the museum with a Tour and Mummies room are definitely the highlight and will be left to visit at the end.

Egypt museum will be relocated to Giza area near the pyramid sometimes next year (2020). We could see some of the artifacts were already wrapped and the place looks messy. Not every artifacts are labeled so if you are into Museum it is best to have a guide. I can imagine when the new Egyptian Museum finally open, people will opt to stay in Giza instead. Currently there are only 2 five star hotel in the area: Mariott and Meridien. Giza is around 22km from downtown Cairo where most Five Star hotel resides.

We left the museum in the afternoon. Ordered London cab to take us to our Hotel where we lunch and leave to Airport to catch our flight to Aswan.