How to Enjoy Reykjavik, Capital City of Iceland

How to Enjoy Reykjavik, Capital City of Iceland

When I was planning for our trip to Iceland, I purposefully left Reykjavik out and kept it as a fallback plan should the weather turned out bad. AND IT DID!

SO Instead of spending few days exploring Snaeffelsness Peninsula and takes tons of pictures of Kirkjuffel, we had to drive back to Reykjavik as there was going to be a snow storm up there. But like the quote said when one door closes, another door will open, our misfortunate actually gives us another surprise. Staying in Reykjavik gave us opportunity to hunt for Northern Light. (Read our post here)

We started our sightseeing in Reykjavik by visiting the famous Saegreifinn and tried their lobster soup (my new mission in life). Saegreifinn only has two menus: lobster soup and seafood skewer. And both are Sooo Good! We ordered both of course. All that wind and snow made us starving. We were given a complimentary whale steak to try. I have never eaten a whale before and surprisingly it tasted more like beef instead of fish. That was when my Son then reminded me that whales are mammals not fish 😝

After our tummy filled we brace the strong wind and cold weather to check in to our apartment (Luna apartment) in Laugegavur area. We got a two bedroom apartment with a sofa converted into bed for Fabio, kitchen and most importantly a washing machine. Finally we could do some laundry 😛

Our apartment is nicely located within walking distance to Hallgrimskirkja church, restaurant and shopping area.

From Hallgrimskirkja we walk to see the sea voyager and opera house

And passing thru some murals and found trolls everywhere

Another restaurant we like which also sells Icelandic food (remember my mission) is Reykjavik street food

An interesting museum we think is worth seeing, especially if you are stuck with bad weather is Perlan Museum. Perlan Museum host a northern light show education and a man made ice cave along with educations about Iceland natural wonder.

Another activity you should not miss to kill time is of course taking a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, if you haven’t got a chance to try Iceland natural thermal bath. I recommend to go to Blue Lagoon at the end of your journey to soothe your sore legs and back from all that walking and driving with the relaxing hot water before flying home. Read our post on blue lagoon here

Our Video recap here

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