Copenhagen and Iceland Winter Itinerary

Copenhagen and Iceland Winter Itinerary

Travelling during pandemic and harsh iceland winter taught us to be flexible with our itinerary and ready to change as needed. I had to throw our perfect itinerary which has gone thru plenty iterations that I lost count as soon as Day 1 when we landed in Copenhagen.

Our perfect Copenhagen-Iceland-Norway itinerary had to change into Copenhagen-Iceland-Amsterdam with Norway closed its border on Day 1 and followed by Denmark on Day 2.

Pandemic was not the only factor. Iceland bad weather alert had also caused us to alter our plan for the last few days. This is a known facts that all travelers should be able to anticipate when they are traveling to Iceland in winter: adjust travel plan when the weather gets bad.

So here’s what our itinerary finally looks like:

Day 1: Fly Jakarta to Copenhagen. Transit Singapore

Day 2: Landing Copenhagen at 6am, leave luggage at hotel (we stay in Maritime Hotel in Nyhavn) and explore Nyhavn (Little mermaid, Rosenberg Castle and Nyhavn Canal), Christiania freetown and Stroget at night.

Day 3: Fly to Iceland. Landing at 10.25am. Get Rental car, lunch and grocery and explore golden circle route (Thingvellir national park, Geysir and Gulfoss waterfall). Stay the night in Skalinn farm house between Geysir and Gulfoss

Day 4: Drive to the south with stop at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skogafoss waterfall and Reynijsfara black sand beach. Stay the night at Skyrhusid guesthouse in Hali

Day 5: Drive to Jokulsarlon iceberg lagoon, Ice cave tour at Vatnajokull national park and diamond beach. Stay the night at Eldhraun holiday home in Mossy Lava field near Kirkjublaeklaustur

Day 6: Drive to Fjadradgljufur, Vik and Borgarnes. Stay the night at Norrastadir farm house between Borgarnes and Arnastappi

Day 7: Original plan is to drive to Snaeffelnes peninsula and do whale watching in Olavsfik, visit Kirkjuffel mountain and stay in Grundafjordur. However due to red weather alert in the Snaeffelness area we couldn’t continue and drive back to stay the night in Reykjavik (Luna apartment) and took a private northern light tour

Day 8: Slept in till afternoon as we only came home from NL hunting at 3am. Late lunch and walk around Laugegavur before going to Blue Lagoon

Day 9: Around Reykjavik. Stay the night in B&B guesthouse Keflavik

Day 10: Fly to Amsterdam. Because Denmark is closing border we had to change our flight back from Copenhagen to Amsterdam

Day 11: We were supposed to stroll Amsterdam before flying out the next day. But in the morning we were told that Singapore is closing its border effective tomorrow so we have to fly back today instead of tomorrow.

Day 12: Landing Jakarta

Our original plan was actually only staying in Iceland for 4 days and then fly to Norway to stay in Bergen and Lofoten before flying back to Copenhagen. As we couldn’t risk being quarantined in Norway we decided to stretch our holiday in Iceland to as long as we can until we have to go back to Jakarta. We got lucky that during our stretched time in Iceland we got to see northern light and made it in time to fly back to Jakarta just in time before Singapore closes its border.

It has been one hell of an adventure which I will always cherish and remember as we don’t know when this pandemic will be over and Europe opening again their border.

Enjoying what we have even during snow storm which ruined our plan

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