Things to know before you visit the Blue Lagoon Iceland

When you think “cold, snowy day” or “or “icy glaciers,” stripping down and taking a dip is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, in Iceland, swimming in hot steamy springs is a favorite activity, no matter what the weather.

There are many hot springs in Iceland because the country is located on the meeting place of two diverging tectonic plates. This ridge is called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Half of Iceland is located on the North American plate and half is located on the Eurasian plate. Volcanic activity is very common along tectonic rifts. Since there is so much volcanic activity, water is often heated under the ground, and this is called geothermal activity. Hot springs are caused by this geothermal activity. The divergence of the plates causes the volcanic activity, and the hot springs are the end result. The hot springs in Iceland may seem to pop up in random places, but their locations are far from random. Their hot water sources and origins can usually be traced.

When building on our itinerary, I wasn’t really sure whether we should put Blue lagoon in our itinerary or not. Not because it is expensive but more to whether we can fit a trip to blue lagoon in our hectic ambitious schedule. The problem with the blue lagoon is its location is closer to the airport Vs Reykjavik. So it is practical to visit Blue Lagoon on arrival day or on the last day.

There are other hot spring alternative to the famous Blue Lagoon, such as Secret Lagoon and Fontana Spa near the golden circle route and Myvatn nature bath in the North. Those are the paid ones. There are also the free natural hot springs which of course without any facility and usually require some trekking such as Hrunalaug near Fludir, Seljavallalaug which used to be a swimming pool, Reykjadalur steam valley which requires one hour walking and Landbrotalaug in Snaeffelsness. I wasn’t too interested on the free hot springs because I need a place to change clothes and dry my hair afterward. I was interested with the secret lagoon but then I need to put golden circle as the last itinerary because I prefer to end the trip with a relaxing hot bath in Iceland famous thermal pool.

At the end after changing my schedules so many times I finally decided to tick the list and go for the blue lagoon and put it as my last itinerary so I could end the trip with a relaxing hot bath and experience the famous blue lagoon.

Here’s a list of what you need to know if you plan on taking a dip in Iceland Blue Lagoon:

1. It is not a natural spring. While Iceland is a country brimming with natural hot springs, the blue lagoon isn’t one of them. But it comes with a luxurious facility as opposed to the natural spring. You don’t need to worry where to change your clothes, you get a towel and you can take shower and dry your hair, there is plenty of space if it gets crowded and you can sip your drink in style

2. Blue Lagoon is 45 minutes drive from Reykjavik. It is actually closer to Keflavik airport. So it is more convenient to go after landing or on the last day and stay the night in Keflavik area

3. It is very popular and you need to book ahead in their official website here. The cheapest comfort package come with towels, 1 use of silica mask and and 1 free drink of your choice. When you book, you need to choose the slot for when you are going to come and you can stay as long as you like. If you choose for example 9am then you can sill enter until 9.59am and stay along as you want. People normally spend 2-3 hours.

4. They have a bus called Destination Blue Lagoon to take you from/to airport and to/from Reykjavik if you do not rent a car. When you book your slot in Blue Lagoon website you have a choice to book transportation as well and tou can see the schedule there. They also have a luggage storage in a separate building near the parking lot

5. They are free for children 15 years old and below, Yay! Minimum age is 2 years old and children below 8 years old have to wear floater (provided).

6. Like all natural hot spring and pool in iceland you have to shower naked (yes there is individual cubicle, no worries 😜) before entering the pool. Blue lagoon provided the head to toes body wash and conditioner for your hair (which leaves your hair silky smooth afterward)

7. You don’t have to enter the pool from the door and running as fast as you can to avoid being frozen by the cold weather. There is an opening to enter the water thru the ramp, located in your left side when you come out from the changing area.

8. Don’t forget to bring waterproof plastic pouch for your phone if you want to take picture while in the water

Lastly, enjoy Blue Lagoon ☺️

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