Road Trip to see Fjord and Landscape of Tromso

Tromso in Winter is a popular destination to see northern light but it also offer amazing landscape of endless mountains, harbors, fjords, arctic beaches and frozen lakes.

We did not rent a car in Tromso because we wanted to stay in the city center. Tromso city center is compact and so easy to go anywhere on foot. All tour operators also do pick up at the center. To see the beautiful landscape of Tromso we have to escape the city and go to the islands of Kvaloya and Sommaroy. To do that we need a car or take a tour.

We were pondering at first whether to see Fjord in Tromso from a cruise and combining it to see wildlife or see Fjord and landscape of Tromso from the road. My son is a big animal lover and he really wanted to see whale. However we have missed the whale season in Tromso which is Dec to Feb. After reading the review of all the Fjord tour by cruise in March, they can only see birds. No dolphin or whale. We are also planning to take the Sognefjord cruise which was said to be the most picturesque fjord in Norway. So the decision was made that we would take the tour to see Fjord from the road.

We browsed thru the above operators based on availability, number of participants and price and picked Blue day tour by Creative Vacations. We liked that their maximum participant are only 7 people. And in fact on the day of the tour there are only 5 of us which felt like a private tour.

It was cloudy and rainy on the day of the tour and we were worried that it would ruined our tour. But our guide took us to area where the weather was better and we could get some lights. We went to the island of Kvaloya where we stopped to see Fjord, river, frozen lakes, mountains, and seaside fishermen village in Kvaloysletta, Kaldfjord, Ersfjord and Tromvik. Along the way he told us stories of the places, the history and some local knowledge so we could relate to the place we’re visiting. It was an enjoyable day despite of the chilly weather and we were glad that we took the tour.

Practical Info about Fjord tour from the road

  1. There are many tour operators running Fjord and Landscape tour such as: Pukkaactive, Chasing light, Northern Soul Adventure, Explore the Arctic, Blue day tour.
  2. Their prices also varies depending on what is inclusive or not and also number of participants. Some tours provided boots, overall outer and tripod if needed. Like all tours in Tromso lunch is inclusive and can vary from simple sandwich to hot meal such as soup
  3. Most tours last 4-6 hours and departing at around 9am from the center
  4. The tour is usually on a minibus or passenger car for smaller group and will take you outside Tromso city to island of Kvaloya and Sommaroy. Along the trip you get to see the changing landscape and visit fjords, villages, rivers, and icefalls. Your guide will provide history, local knowledge and story of the place along the way.
  5. In the event of bad weather, the guide will adjust the location accordingly so you will still get to see the beautiful landscape

Here’s the recap of our Fjord and Landscape roadtrip

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