Day trip to Èze Village

Èze village is a stunning medieval village on the top of the rocky hill in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. It looks like the eagles nest in shape, located on the top on the hill and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Èze dated back as far as 2000 BC. The land was occupied by both the Romans and the Moors over the years, and was fortified by the House of Savoy in the late 1300s.

The French Riviera (Cote d’Azur) is a beautiful part of France to visit and there’s no shortage of charming coastal towns to visit. Èze village is one of the most favourite and beautiful and can be easily done as a day trip from Nice.

How to Get from Nice to Èze Village


Bus is the most straightforward and cheapest option for €1.50 Buses in Nice leave from Gare Routiere (Bus Terminal). From Nice just catch the tram to take you to Vauban Stop where Gare Routiere is. You can use your tram ticket to get to Eze because each public transport ticket is good for 74 minutes after validation.
Line 82: The frequency is every 45 to 60 minutes Monday to Saturday and fewer on Sunday. Check the schedule here.
Another possibility is Line 112 from Nice or Monaco but the frequency is less and there are no buses on Sunday. Check the schedule here.

A few important points about the bus:
– There are several other stops on other bus lines that also have Eze in the name, so pay attention. Eze Village will take you to the city of Eze; other stops will leave you with a significant hike up a mountain to get to the city itself.
– The bus will allow passengers on, but not off, the bus for the first several stops. Don’t panic! You’ll be able to get off at Eze Village without any problems.
– The ride Nice to Èze Village is very scenic, so don’t forget to look out of the window and sit on the right side.

Bus stop in Èze Village to go to Nice


The train Nice – Èze takes you only to Èze-sur-Mer, which is about an hour walk uphill to Èze Village. Èze to Nice by train can be a good option if you decide to take the Nietzche Path from Èze-Village to Èze-sur-Mer, before going back to Nice. The alternative is to take Bus line 83 from Gare Èze take you to Èze Village. Check schedule here.

Best Things to do in Èze

Stroll the Streets of Èze Medieval Village

One of France’s most beautiful medieval towns, Èze Village is like a step back in time. Get lost in this labyrinth of cobblestone streets, and enjoy its particular atmosphere. The village is very tiny, but every corner is worth a stop to take a picture or two. In Èze Village, traditional houses had the ground floor for keeping the goats and the donkey while the owners slept on the first floor. Today, most ground floors are used as workshops or gift shops.

Visit the Parfumerie

Galimard Parfumerie, next to the Bus stop as you come from Nice

There are 2 Parfumerie in Èze, Galimard and Fragonard.
If you are interested with the art of parfumerie, both provide 45 minutes free tour. In the tour you can discover each step in the process from the extraction from a Flower to production of the Perfume. You can also see traditional soap works and learn about the different stages of the soap production.

Notre Dame de l’Assomption

The church, built in Neo-Classical style in the 18th century, is listed as French Historic Monument. You cannot miss it: Notre Dame de l’Assomption outstands from the rest of the houses thanks to its ochre color, size, and location on the hilltop. The current bell tower dates from the 19th century. It has been struck by lightning several times, destroying the dome that originally covered it. You can hear the bell ringing when are in the village.

Jardin Du Exotique

The Exotic Garden is one of the best things to see in Èze Village, both for its magnificent plant collection and panoramic views. The garden’s most interesting part is the collection of succulent plants and xerophytes from all the continents. The pathways are dotted with information panels about Èze’s artistic and historical heritage and curious facts.

What makes the garden very interesting is that it was built on the site of a medieval fortress, perched 429 meters above the sea. After admiring the plants, walk up to the top of the garden and from there you will see the best views of Èze and even the French Riviera’s best views, from the Esterel Mountains to the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Lunch with a View

Enjoy lunch with the best view in one of Èze’s Michelin-starred restaurants: Chèvre d’Or and Château Eza. You will need to book ahead. La Chèvre d’Or‘s main restaurant has 2 Michelin stars. Its menus go from 90-260€ per person. Chateau Eza has 1 Michelin star. Its à la carte costs about 100/150€ per person, and there’s a Tasting Menu of 125€ per person.

There are other restaurants in the village, make sure you make reservation first for lunch when you come because they are easily booked up.

Hike down thru Nietzsche Path

After lunch in Èze, if you are fit and still have energy you can chose to walk the Nietzsche path to take you to Èze-sur-Mer.

Nietzsche path is a walking train that connects Èze Village to Èze-sur-Mer. It seems that Nietzsche (the famous philosopher) used to walk this path during his stays in Nice. His walks through this path inspired him to write the third part of this famous work, ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ (1883-1885).

The hike from Èze Village to Èze-sur-Mer is 2,1 km downhill, and it has numerous steps in some places. If you intend to do the hike, wear proper hiking shoes and bring stick or trekking poles not to stress your knees. It usually takes an hour to walk downhill. The sea views come after the second half of this path.

If you don’t have time to visit other French Riviera beaches, you can also go swimming at Èze beach . Like any other beach in French Riviera, this is a pebble beach, so you’ll definitely want to pack something to lay on when the pebbles get too hot in the summer.

From Èze-sur-Mer you can take the train back to Nice or continue to Monaco.

Here’s a recap of our Day in Eze