How to visit Lavender field in Valensole

When I hear the word Province what comes into mind is rolling lavender field. The Provence lavender fields are among the best in the world, and they’re certainly among the most famous. The lavender fields of Provence represent a change of seasons, a ripening of the earth, and a time where life slows to the mercy of the sun’s strong rays.

When is the best time to see Lavender

The answer is it depends on where you are in the region, but it also changes year to year.

Provence Lavender Fields in June
By late June most Lavender in Provence is in bloom.
Luberon is typically the first, closely followed by the Valensole lavender fields.
The fine lavender grown in the highest altitudes of Provence is the latest to bloom.

Provence Lavender Fields in July
Early July is the best time to visit lavender fields in Provence. The entire region is peppered with vibrant purple fields.
From mid-July lavender fields start to be harvested in the Valensole plateau.
The upper Luberon lavender fields and the Château du Bois fine lavender are generally harvested around the 15th of July.
The lower Luberon (around Lourmarin), the Valensole lavender fields and those around Sisteron are harvested later in July, typically around the 25th of July.

Provence Lavender Fields in August
If you’re visiting Provence in August you may be worried about missing out on seeing the lavender fields at all, but there are still a few lavender fields in bloom in August.
Aim for the Sault lavender fields or around Banon to find lavender in bloom until the 10th of August.

Where is the best Lavender Fields in Provence

Lavender fields can be found popping up everywhere in Provence in summer. It’s the most famous crop of the region and one that has held significant importance for the people of Provence for centuries. But the lavender fields of Provence aren’t just a source of pride for the locals; they’re also a key Provence attraction that draws in visitors from around the world, year after year.

Plateau de Valensole (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence)

Valensole Plateau is where you can find the most photogenic lavender fields in Provence. For many tourists, this is the best place to see lavender fields in Provence. The Valensole Plateau is located at a low altitude (<600 m), so you only find lavandine, and it is more impressive. Next to the Valensole lavender fields, sunflower fields and wheat fields are perfect for making beautiful photo compositions. The combination of lavender fields in bloom with harvested lavender fields is beautiful too.

Best time to visit: Mid June to first week of July

Pays de Sault (Vaucluse)

The Pays de Sault is the fine lavender’s capital. Less touristy than other lavender fields in France, Pays de Sault is a good place to see the real Provençal lavender without the crowds. Here, you can find a few traditional stone houses which look great in the middle of the lavender fields.

The Pays de Sault is near the Mont Ventoux (1,909m), and it is surrounded by picturesque villages (Sault, Aurel, Ferrasières). Located at a higher altitude (800-900 m), summers are not as hot as in other places in Provence, like Valensole.

Best time to visit: around mid July

Luberon (Vaucluse)

The Massif du Luberon, near Avignon, boasts some of the best lavender fields in Provence. Located in the department of Vaucluse, this is a beautiful area to explore, with lavender fields, the oh-so-pretty hilltop villages, and the famous Sénanque Abbey. Here, the lavender fields are at an altitude of 350-700 m, mainly with lavandine. From the top of the road from Gordes (D177), the view of the lavender fields surrounding Sénanque Abbey is spectacular. However, this is a popular place, so be sure to visit early in the morning (ideally, before 8 am).

Best time to visit: beginning of July.

Drôme Provençale (Drôme)

Drôme is part of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. However, this area is known as Drôme Provençale because of its geographical, cultural, historical, and climatic proximity to Provence. You are technically out of Provence, but with all those lavender fields and hilltop villages, you won’t realize it. The best lavender fields in the Drôme Provençale are around Grignan, Nyons to Vinsobres, Mévouillon (capital of fine lavender), and from Drôme Valley to Diois (lavender fields at higher altitude, far from the main roads).

Best time to visit: mid-June until the end of July

Our Visit to Valensole Lavender Fields

First Visit – Mid June

I didn’t have the right timing when I visited Valensole even though I went twice. The first visit was completely unplanned. We were going to Gorges du Verdon direction, when suddenly I saw a direction to Valensole. Only that I realized that Gorges du Verdon is only 30 minutes away from Valensole.

I knew it was maybe too early to see the lavender field mid June but because we were in the vicinity I thought we may as well go and see it.

Along the way we can see many lavender field but the one that stood out was Lavandes Angelvin.

Lavandes Angelvin beautiful farm is the perfect place to learn all about harvesting and oil extraction from lavender flowers. It also has its own distillery which open all year round for both group and private tours. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover how traditional farms like these create lavender products. This particular distillery sells lavender soaps, oils, bags, and perfumes. During lavender season, Lavandes Angelvin has a popped up store near the farm which sells some of their products.

Second Visit – Mid July

I kinda missed the golden window to visit the lavender field because my arranged two weeks trip happened to be from End June for first week of July. Then I also promised Hubbie that when he came we are going to see the lavender field again so he can take some pictures.

Sadly when we came on our second visit to Valensole we saw that many of the lavender fields have been harvested. The heatwave which impacted France beginning of June, also had some impacts to the lavender plants so many of them had to be harvested earlier.

This time we went to see Terraroma Lavender field which is just next door to Lavandes Angelvin. These stunning fields at Terraroma have both sunflowers and lavenders field next to each other.

The rolling hills here are prime for photos, and there’s plenty of space for everyone to get their shot. They also have its own distillery across the road, where you’ll park. They also sell the same products such as honey, essential oils, and a bunch of dried lavender.

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