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I have always been that strange woman who believe bag need to be super roomy just like space is premium for real estate. Being a woman who my family rely on for charger(s), drinks, books / magazine and medicine any time any where, I grow up paranoid and neurotic keeping more than one charger, more than one book and multiple meds in my bag as well as food and drink. As a result my bag tends to be on the grand / large side and branded given they are more resilient, as well as aesthetically more pleasing.

Yet with the current Korean craze going on in Indonesia, I begun to notice a lot of woman of various generation carrying Marhenj bag in Jakarta. It looks smallish in size so in the beginning I ignore the tren as a craze, which typically us Indonesian can be pretty aggresive into. Yet as Marhen J opened its shop in Senayan City, it started to pique my interest enough to look at it a little more closely. It is my first time to be interested in non Western non Tulisan ( this is for another time discussion as am completely mad about Tulisan too ) bag.

As I started to look at it closely, I started to notice the clean line of its line, particularly on RicoV2 red bag that I decided to buy as my first Korean bag adventure. I bought it with which delivered it within one day. The price range is similar with Tulisan bags at 1.945 juta which makes it affordable for me if not attractive price range. I love how the brand can be seen in both sides of the bag but not on conspicuous way and in an attractive but not shouting red. There is a hidden mobile phone pocket for ease of reach with red lining. It is aesthetically very pleasing in the eyes. It has several colors others are black on black and black on white canvas – which is equally attractive and easy on the eyes. It has water proof canvas which is a must for an active woman like me. The strap is wide enough to not strain my back too much, with strong chain to hold decent load. I dont have anymore strong back so strong shoulder strap in shoulder bag is very important. The artificial leather handle is comfortable for strap and handle, making it a nice two ways bag, tote and shoulder bag. So exterior is to me a win. Whether I take it to Friday work, Sunday with family (indoor or outdoor !) or any day girls day out or any semi formal informal get together, it just fit the occassion. Whatever is the fashion style, whatever the level of seniority, whatever the age. In fact, it is said also it is genderless, but perhaps the black on black or black on white canvas more apt

I am absolutely delighted with the interior, as to how adequately roomy it is. I was so prepared to trade off the space for its delightful exterior look, but as I started to put in my typical load, I am happy to see the load I can put in. A tablet, a book, two mobiles, a pocket of chargers / power bank and plugs, airpod, wallet, lipstick, lip balm, perfume 30 ml, extra masks and tumbler can fit in easily ( now you can tell am ms Doraemon who needs proper Doraemon-worthy storage space, right ). I can even cram some more for example my small medicine bag or proper small make up bag. It has two tumbler pockets which get me excited in the first place so my tumbler will not roll around dangerously. One other can be place for my umbrella also. It has also one pocket to put in extra masks ( and am not talking just one extra ! ),
lipstick, small powder / eye shadow. I am finally super happy this small bag has sleeve for my Ipad Pro 11’. To top it up even further, it has hard floor to ensure shale-wise, it stays square gorgeously.

To think that it is a vegan brand with a warranty period at 1.945 juta, it is definitely a win that many Indonesian woman fully appreciate. So if you decide to give a Korean brand bag a try, Marhen J Rico is definitely worth considering. To me, it is for sure a win that worthy a rave.

Verdict : a definite buy (which I already did !)

Interior of the Marhen J Rico V2 “As roomy as it gets for its size”

Exterior of the Marhenj Rico V2 “clean line with nice brand logo black on white canvas, elegant”

The other exterior side “red leather with brand embossed prettily with equally red lined mobile hidden pocket”


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