Movie Review – Mencuri Raden Saleh

It is the very first Indonesian heist movie I watch. Having watched all kind of heist movies such as the Ocean franchise, the iconic Italian Job, ultra cool Baby Driver and their Korean counterpart such as Pipeline and the classic The Thieves, I am a bit unsure what should be my expectation of Indonesian heist movie. Especially with Iqbal Ramadhan to helm it as Main Lead whose mainly known on Dilan young adult romcom franchise. Plus Angga Yunanda whose known also mostly acted in young adult romcom. It can’t possibly be as slick as Ocean series nor as rough around the edges like Baby Driver but anyways I decided to watch because I do not want to miss out on such important milestone in an Indonesian movie history.

It turns out Angga Dimas Sasongko has nicely adapted this heist story to suit the characters well and Indonesian environment, it becomes a story of young adults in desperate need of quick bucks, big on ambition but not so much on experience although their decent skill can carry them through endeavor – with lots of bumps along the way. Setting and costume as well as props are made to fit the penniless struggling Indonesian young adults, not overly too modern for the heist but not lacking too badly either especially with hacking and home-made restoration scenes. Aside from Tuktuk character ( played by Ari Irham ) that a tad too clean for his activities, the rest are decent to create believable frames.

The backstory is not fully formed, perhaps to prepare for potentially be a franchise in the future, but it is a decent amount of backstory to help understand the dynamic between the characters and they are attractive dramatic relatable backstories. The story unfolds quite fast paced and very much focused on the heist itself with hints of youthful humor and romance which keep me glued and don’t feel bored in the middle of the movies. There are enough twist and turn in the movies to be a gripping and emotional movie. Fight and action scenes are choreographed and executed very nicely especially those by Aghniy Haque, her taekwondo street creds as national athlete shine through as well as her dramatic acting. Talking about acting, while Iqbal does carry the movie nicely through his acting, but the other crew also are doing well especially Angga, with noteworthy acting here. While the dynamic between Ucup ( played by Angga ) and Piko ( played by Iqbal ) as bromance in the movie is played really well, the dynamic of sibling between Tuktuk and Gofar ( played by Umay Shahab ) is equally touching and funny. The adult scenes are ok although Dwi Sasono a seasoned actor doing ok, it could be a tad more dramatic. Ganindra and Andrea played detectives roles quite nicely too despite their frames are few far in between.

The story of art heist focusing on Raden Saleh most famous painting, with backstory of art forgery, friendship, family struggle and betrayal, well executed fight scenes, equally well executed humorous and romantic scenes, definitely worth watching for entertainment values. Given the movie rating in Tix and Kincir very high, as well as 300k viewers to date, I think a lot already agree definitely this is a movie worth watching that is superbly entertaining. I couldn’t help feeling proud to see first Indonesian heist movies is delivered well.

Verdict : A Watch.

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