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I have promised to talk about my other bag obsession, Tulisan. In fact, I have been a fan forever since many moons ago, it marked many of my life milestones. The three of us in fact are the same, we are all collectors only the degree of madness differ slightly. Fanny’s pouches are mostly Tulisan, Lucky’s huge bags are also Tulisan and as to me, a perennial hoarder who love artsand deeply nationalistic at heart, obviously rarely pass any new collection for many years. 

We all love its sturdy water proof material, its pockets, incredibly strong strap and clasp and its ease of maintenance. Fanny loves that it comes in many sizes and Lucky loves its big bag ranges like its latest one, Opera bags, it’s roomy yet it has very nice curvy structure shape like a dancer in graceful pose. The dancer in Lucky defenseless with this bag, of course. As to me, the arts are a definite hook, even when I don’t understand why I need to buy yet another Tulisan bag when I just bought not past 10 weeks ago. Just like a proper collector, I still mourn the loss opportunity to buy Taiga early this year. I was way too busy to execute the transaction then. I am still in love with my Titik Koma small bag as well as my Amma Supahilo collection. Obviously Roses Nero Jet is my new favorite with white roses in black canvas painting, feminine with a but of toughness, just like I like it. The fact that it is an opera bag, it is a shared love with Lucky while Gusto tote with its equally roomy yet squares shape with such unique touching painting, is a shared love with Fanny.

We are also in love with their pouches that comes in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays their pouches (and clutches) can be converted into small lovely bags just with their straps, handy for you especially for travel and going to concerts (or fan meetings) where big bag is a No. It is I think a love story for many many Indonesian women. Make up, electronic, stationery, children stuff and as well medicines, they all can fit fit nicely into one of their pouches. 

Tulisan has many products and bundle, with wrapping service to wrap whatever you buy beautifully, it has become mainstay as one of my gift arsenal. There are homeware with lovely patterns, cool storages and painting (they called it giclee). It is a way to articulate my sincerity, gratitude, love and best wishes to woman who truly matter to me, in my life. It is also a way for me to articulate my love for Indonesia by supporting Indonesia business without compromising my aesthetic and quality standards. 

Verdict : A must collect. Check out Tulisan lovely store in Dharmawangsa Square today or its Online Store.


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