Fanny’s Skin Regime

Dian asked me to write about this and thought the three of us should share because each of us have different skin type.

My skin is probably the worst among the three of us. I have been battling with hormonal acne throughout my teens. My Mom introduced me to Dermatologist and for many years afterward my skin was tamed. When I started working and then married my skin went into a worst condition. My acne would flare up whenever I was under a lot of stress. I changed dermatologist few times until I decided to stop and do my own research on what to do with my skin.

Long story short after many trial and error with what works and what doesn’t, I come to realization that my skin doesn’t react well with cream. But if they aren’t hydrated well, my acne will flare up. My skin need to have just the right amount of hydration, not too rich but not to less either. And it doesn’t tolerate alcohol well and anything drying. Complicated!

I still have hormonal acne which come and go when I have my period or when I eat too much sugar. One would’ve thought that after you reach 40, your acne will disappear and replaced with wrinkle. I probably belong to the minority, my acne persisted to co-live together with me but they are much tamer now.

Now that you have some idea what my skin condition is like, here’s what my skin regime looks like.


Skin Dewi Raspberry hydrating cleansing milk

When I am not in a hurry, I tone with Skin Dewi calming dew rose toner using cotton pad. But most of the time I use Mugwort Essence by Im From

Niacinamide Serum by The Ordinary (I sometimes alternate with different brand such as Somethinc)

Skin Dewi Tamanu Green Serum (Calling it a serum is somewhat misleading as it’s more of a face oil). I mix 6-8 drops with chamomile water by Altheya or La Roche Posay thermal water on my palm before slapping it to my face.

Sunscreen by La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ (This an old favourite which I finally returned to after many love affairs with Supergoop unseen sunscreen). I decided to go back to LRP because I wanted to move away from chemical sunscreen. LRP Anthelios is a physical/mineral sunscreen.


Double Cleanse
Skin Dewi Bamboo cleansing oil
Skin Dewi Raspberry hydrating cleansing milk

Tone and Hydrate
Skin Dewi calming dew rose toner using cotton pad
Mugwort Essence by Im From

Sunday Riley Pink drink (firming resurfacing essence)
Sunday Riley A+ high dose retinoid serum (every 4 weeks, I stop for few days and alternate with Lactic Acid and BHA from Avoskin which I use 3X/week)

Skin Dewi Seabuckthorn reviving elixir. I mix 6-8 drops with chamomile water by Alteya or La Roche Posay thermal water on my palm before slapping it to my face.

Other Treatment

On the weekend I tried to remember to put on facial mask which I rotate depending on my mood. The current mask I have are French green Clay/Rhassoul Clay, Gel mask from Sensatia and a bunch of Korean sheet mask.

After 40, I decided it was time to be more aggressive with skin treatment. So I started to try Picosure laser and PRP Dermapen. I like the result from PRP Dermapen and the cost is cheaper Vs Picosure laser. However they have a down time of 4-5 days and in many occasion I cannot afford to have a downtime. Picosure laser albeit more expensive is very convenient because there is almost no downtime. The redness go away after few hours and there is no pain after treatment. I recently tried Thermage because the clinic I went was running a discount on Thermage and I felt that my collagen needed a boost. Thermage is a treatment that you think you don’t need it yet, but if you are already on your 40ish like me you will be able to see the difference one you had it.

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