The Return of C-Drama : Love Like The Galaxy Review

It’s been decades since I am so into C-Drama, eventhough in my youth I was fangirling young Andy Lau in The Return of Condor Heroes. Well… I think most of my friends at that time did…

Somehow during this hibernating period I come across this great C-Drama “Love Like The Galaxy”… and Wow… !! I said to myself – this drama will become one of the milestones of The Return of C-Drama… I even pay extra money to WE TV so I can watched VIP express 😅.. And It’s worth every dime !

Small screens trends is so dynamics.. After the glory of C-Drama in early 80’s, We also have Latinos telenovelas like Isaura, or J-Drama like Oshin… Bollywood trends like Kuch-Kuch Ho Ta Hae… and offcourse We are also experiencing Korean Waves, which deserved separate review later… As an excuse to justify my addiction to these… We can learn about diversity in different cultures by spend hours watching these 😉.

Now comeback to my new favorite C-Drama Love Like The Galaxy. This is so far the best historical drama that I watched (repeatedly hahaha). I love both the main leads. Zhao Lu Si as beautiful and clever Cheng Shao Sang really bring the story life and close to our heart. This girl show how powerful and independent a woman can be eventhough raised in difficult situation during war time. Being pulled in to the royals power struggling by her beloved one The Charismatic and Powerful General Ling Bu Yi played by Leo Wu, Our little cute heroine show bravery, integrity and we can see how her character develop during the series.

I need to give my big applause also to Leo Wu (Wu Lei) who portray General Ling Bu Yi. Not just handsome, his acting is superb. If you see how clear his facial expressions portraying how General Ling Bu Yi felt in each episodes, his 110% effort in the fighting scenes, this prove Leo Wu is an A class actor in such a young age. General Ling Bu Yi who have conflicted heart between love and revenge, this character I think will always be a legend in C-Drama until many years to come.

Standing ovation also for Director Fei who have succesfully direct this wonderful drama. Romance, Family Issues, Betrayal, Royals Feud, and Wars are all nicely wrapped in smooth story telling and beautiful scenes. Selection of the casts is also superb, each casts really played well like melodius ensemble that compliment each others. This is the first long drama (56 episodes) that I watch continously without skipping ! And I even repeat again some episodes to appreciate the dialog 🙈

Watching this drama starting my shallow obsession to watch C Drama again hahaha… I am now a confirmed fans of Zhao Lu Si 😍 All of her drama are already kept in my play list.. Plus I ship this WULU CP so hard ! I would love to see them again together in the next drama. 🙏


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