K Drama for Men

There is this misconception that Korean drama is tailor made for woman, particularly housewives. I think those misconception should by all mean now already gone. We have seen Parasites and as well Squid Game got world-wide recognition at par of the world class top notch movies and series globally. The actors / actresses have also grab home prestigious awards for example Squid Game Lee Jung Jae won best actor at US Critics Awards as well as Lee Yoo Mi who won Emmy Awards. Their fighting scenes are choreograph very nicely, the themes are being explored deeply and their romcom also as everyone know highly addictive. Their humour also touched me and equally my husband. The list below is absolutely not exhaustive even for me, but it will be a good place to start. I want to share a list for guys to try on K drama.

  1. Actions Series : Vincenzo, The Uncanny Counter, Taxi Driver and My Name
  • Thematic Series :  Itaewon Class, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and  Good Manager
  • Romcom to Watch with Your Wife / Girlfriend : Dali and Cocky Prince, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Crash Landing on You
  • Horror / Thriller : All of Us are Dead and Kingdom series
  • Strong Woman / Chick Flick : One the Woman, Why Her and Sell Your Haunted House

Note : Some of these series have been watched by my husband and I can hear his laugh or experienced being ignored for days, he is very picky viewer even fall asleep with Marvel franchise and as well John Wicks series. His high recommendation included Itaewon Class, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Crash Landing on You. Enjoy !

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