Your One Powerful Movie Date and Dinner Table Discussion : Mendadak Darurat

I have made decision that as part of me being nationalistic and love Indonesia, I will start to watch more Indonesian movies. I cannot believe that it will not give me pleasure for being entertained as long as it is not horror movie ( I have small heart when it comes to horror ). So yesterday I watched Mendadak Darurat, simply because I like Reza Rahadian. I enjoy his acting in many of his movies even when the stories concept are a bit on cliché side.

This time is no different. Mendadak Darurat story concept revolved around a man who married his university girlfriend likely older than him (given they met in university orientation event, he was the new student and she was one of the committee member), grew apart gradually, started to have daily fights, the wife started to get controlling and the husband tempted to have an affair. Then as part of responding to the temptation the husband lied his way through by saying he was taking a business trip outside Jakarta and took a flight while actually he intended to spend time in the hotel with the woman, but then the flight crashed and everyone on board meet their demise, his name included. The comedy revolved around how the husband tried to untangle this unruly knot, completed with some interesting twist along the way. I honestly thought this must be taken from real life story – which makes it dark comedy of real life. Reza Rahadian and Luna Maya as well as Marissa Anita and Panji Pragiwaksono are the leads. Asri Welas, Tamara Geraldine, Dewi Irawan and Ivanka Suwandhi made up the supporting actor/actresses. Cecep Arif Rahman is also played a cameo part. Panji Pragiwaksono is the Director.

It is a lighthearted comedy movie, you can tell it is a typical Panji comedic signature, smart yet funny. Reza is play the male lead , Glenn, who is portrayed as mama boy, stuttering, mild mannered and creative, working in creative industry. Luna Maya, who played Kania, an assertive woman and very good at her work as an account manager, secretly crushing on Glenn. Marissa Anita, played Maya, Glenn’s wife, yet another assertive woman who played typical strong and independent with successful career. Glenn best friend, Yahya, who work for the same company, is played by Panji Pragiwaksono. Maya has 3 best friends with their own interesting yet typical characters, one single, one is divorcee whose husband cheated on her and the other is supportive wife even to the point of willing to consider polygamy. The tension in which Kania and Glenn made a hotel date during the plan crash, tried to untangle the mess, the interaction with Yahya, Glenn’s mother and others are the main story of the movie.

While many of the characters are quite cliché and as well many of the dialogue, it was played quite well, hitting the right emotional tone despite some probably weaker than others. I get reminded of the quote that excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, this movie is trying its best to be just that. Reza, Luna, Marissa and Panji played their respective role reasonably well. It wasn’t a noir nor heavy movie, so it needs to be acted suitably to entertain and to me, they did not disappoint. Marissa played especially well in an understated way while Reza as usual play his role in flourish, equally entertaining, their different approach makes the movie run well, creating some comedic moments and as well as emotional ones. Luna is also putting her best effort as a woman who fell in love with the wrong man and tried to get out of it respectably. Luna understood her strength and played the strength well in the movies. The supporting cast also enliven the backstory and in their own ways make it successful. The chemistry of Tamara Geraldine and Asri Welas to me played well as supports to Glenn’s mother. They made up some of the comedic moments that are memorable.

It is an entertaining lighthearted movie for sure if you are looking for good laugh and then post movie, an even lighter hearted but lively dinner table ( or during your bar hopping time) discussion about love and marriage with your besties (or date movie with your spouse / boy/girlfriend – but be careful not to end into fight as well haha).

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