Gendut Siapa Takut – Movie Review

I do not regret my decision to watch Gendut Siapa Takut despite its funny title. It is a funny entertaining movie that I enjoy. Some of the Indonesian movies have funny titles that are difficult to translate to English without sounding weird and that can cause people who cares turned away from entertaining movie. I have a dry sarcastic cerebral sense of humor that I barely can stomach US comedy movies, I love the British ones. So funny Indonesian movies (except Warkop of course for my generation), is not in my card.

The movie was headlined by Marshanda and Wafda Saifan Lubis with Director of Pritagita Arianegara. Cut Mini, Tora Sudiro and Marthini Lio as well as Dea Panendra, Omara Esteghlal and Jihane Almira are the supporting actors and actresses.

The story center around a character named Moza who is a plus size girl whose profession is a rom com writer with parents who expect her to marry soon. Nares who is her childhood friend suddenly reappeared to ask for forgiveness for all the torments he did in the past. The story dynamic revolves around their dynamic, as well as other dynamic such as the handsome director, main lead and as well as her best friend.

It is a light hearted romcom movie, the story itself is already funny and entertaining in a very Indonesian way with its typical word play and quips from its original book. Dynamic for Moza’s daily life as plus size girl is already very funnily described in an inspiring and optimistic way. The love story, her brother dynamic, her parents dynamic all typical Indonesian family tension but to see it play out in optimistic way, I have to praise the writer (Alnira) on her creativity to bring everyday story to be inspiring. I particularly love the body positivity undertone that she is taking to color the entire story which is particularly optimistic and positive. I also love the camaraderie between family members who support each other in humorous Indonesian way.

I have never watched any of Pritagita movies, they are just not my typical genre. Neither have I watch any of Marshanda nor Wafda movies. I do not have frame of reference for their past performance but I have to say the comedic timing and the light hearted acting are quite good. I do not expect to laugh out loud in this movie, but I surprised myself by doing just that, not once but several times. I even heard some of the audiences laugh as well. For sure it is decent Saturday date night comedy movie that you can discuss in many ways with your spouse / girl/boyfriend or friends post movies.

Verdict : Watch, be happy and be inspired !

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