My K-POP Journey : Start with BLACKPINK and plus TREASURE Now

Ten years ago, I might never imagined that K-POP would became part of my daily life. Even though music is always be my mood maker, I usually like the calming type of music.

First time I got to hear BLACKPINK was back in 2016, unfortunately not started when they were debuting with Boombayah, my first Blackpink song is Whistle (Param). And just like that… I got hooked up with these four beautiful girls – Jisoo, Jeannie, Rose, and Lisa. And off course even though I love all of them, my bias is Lisa, the maknae/youngest – a very talented Thai girl who work very hard to achieve her dream to be korean idol in a very young age overcoming all barriers like language and cultural different.

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – AUGUST 28: (L-R) Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé of BLACKPINK attend the 2022 MTV VMAs where they received two international awards.

If you got a chance to see their MVs (Music Video) on YouTube, maybe you will see why it’s so easy to be BLINK (Blackpink Fans). Their MVs are top notch… all of them ! Their musics, visuals, choreographs, fashions are the best in term of qualities. BLACKPINK is the biggest girl group right now. In YouTube, their subscriber is around 8.2 Bio and holding the record as the most viewed girl group in the world.

These girls are the one that brought me to K-POP world. I started to check out other groups or songs, but one thing that I can say… Once you become BLINK I think you will be forever BLINK hehehehe…

Becoming K-POP Fans is like investing to support your idols. But again it’s depend and vary to each individuals. You can start by streaming their MVs and Songs in free platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc or hyping your idols in Social Media (Twitter, IG, Facebook, etc). If you have extra cash you should buy their albums, because this will be counted in GAON chart and add points to receive music award in Korea. You need also buy the lights sticks, so in case you got a chance come to their concerts, this light stick is tools to hype them… So far I’ve been to Blackpink concert twice hehehe .

By End of 2018, YG TREASURE BOX, once of the show by YG Entertaiment (Blackpink’s agency), caught my attention. A very young boy named Park Jeong Woo sang Adele song’s with a very clear and soulful voice, I was so mesmerized by this 14th years old boy. His singing talent hooked me to follow TREASURE the youngest boy group from YG and I start to become TEUMES (Treasure’s Fans).

TREASURE : 12 members (L-R) – Kim Jun Kyu, Park Ji Hoon , Haruto, Mashiho (front), Park Jeong Woo, Choi Hyun Suk (front), So Jung Hwan, Bang Ye Dam, Yoshi , Kim Do Young, Yoon Jae Hyuk, Asahi. (8 Koreans, 4 Japanese)

Supporting a rookie group I need to go deeper to new level of KPop world…. hahahha… to got them bigger start in Korea, back in 2020 when they debuted with the song “Boy”, On top of albums purchased, I created multi accounts of YouTube Premium, GENIE (Korean Music Platform)… FYI all of these are paid accounts ! I feel like TREASURE’s Eomma… who need to support my kids to be successful. Feel sad when they didn’t won award and cried happy tears when they received their first award ! hahahaha. They won best male rookie award for their debut.

You can also check TREASURE YouTube chanel, to see how these kids are so talented, funny and full of energy. Beside their MVs, I would also recommend TREASURE Maps to see how these kids in reality show. I look forward to see them offline in concerts.

As BLINK and TEUME, I am happy today because BLACKPINK just successfully released their second album last month and waiting for TREASURE new album next week. I have ordered their new albums directly from south korea and can’t wait to receive them !

Reflecting on this, I said to my self “Sometimes this shallow obsessions is what we need to keep us happy” …. hehehhe…. Cheers !

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