Three Places for You to buy Gorgeous Batik and Kebaya (to my taste)

Parang Kencana and Tulisan fave

I have to put caveat upfront I am no expert in fashion nor in Batik. I am excited to learn and is learning, it is so vast of an area, I wouldn’t be surprised some has been doing it for a lifetime. This collection of places is simply my go to place that have never go wrong. The intention is to encourage us to share and promote Indonesian products that we all love. Also it is three but there are many more places I buy Batik from that I know this writing will have a sequel.

First one is Bin House @binhouse_official which has been a great fave for many years. When I used to be 85kg, it has a lot of ( pretty ) choices for me. Choices in term of colors, fabric and style. I love that its styles can be paired nicely with jeans as well as pants and skirts. While their price points some are on the high end especially silk ones, but many are a lot more affordable. Most of Bin style veers toward casual although you can wear some to meetings and even less formal typical Indonesian wedding. Fanny is also a big fan of Bin House. Before she wore hijab she has a vast collection of tops from Cita collection. But until today she still gets her Batik kain from Bin House.

Secondly is Go Tik Swan @batikgotikswan in Solo. I visited their shop in Solo, my God they are beautifully maintained over generations. It is a legendary place that its heritage went all the way to Indonesia first President who used Go Tik Swan as resting destination. Even current President and many of luminaries of recent times also continue to visit Go Tik Swan. Go Tik Swan is almost strictly traditional in focusing on fabrics and not move up value chain to produce ready made clothes like Bin. I visited its place of trade and it has area where you can observe what is being made and how ( labor intensive and back breaking ) work this is. They do still traditional batik pattern such as Parang, Kawung, Buketan and Sekar Jagad, among others. They do fabric that you can then transform into night gown, formal shirt or anything you fancy. Fanny also shops for her batik in Solo. She goes to the off-beaten path as her Hubbie’s family is residing in Solo and many of them are in Batik business.

Last one ( for this period ), is Batik Chic . I have to admit this is a recent find but really their kebaya very nice especially those that are of the latest batch, similar to kebaya encim. Kebaya encim has always been my fave in addition to kebaya from Binhouse, it has colorful style and gorgeous pattern that you can wear in many occasions.

There are many more great place of Batik all over the place such as those in Cirebon, Pekalongan, Jogja and Solo just to name a few. To me they are absolutely great holiday destination to learn and enjoy the beautiful priceless treasure.

I am writing this as a tribute to Batik in yesterday’s hari Batik. I grew up with my parent making batik in her spare time and I enjoyed playing with canting and hot wax. I realize that is priceless experience and perhaps make me appreciate Indonesia culture even more. I learnt that some production houses stopped their production simply because no successor in their families. Please everyone continue to wear and value our Batik with pride, when you can afford, please save money to buy handmade ones for your family heirloom. Let’s preserve our cultural heritage.

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