8 K-Drama Series I am Watching This October (Up to Now)

This month there are many entertaining K-Drama series on air, which I am really pleased. There are two misgiving that K-Drama is only of romcom / drama genre best enjoyed and even if there are the other genres, they aren’t interesting enough to watch.

Here are what I am watching this October. Some I have finished, some still ongoing. Hope this help you pick your next series to watch!

If you like legal thriller, I am currently watching One Dollar Lawyer and May It Please the Court, both at Disney Hotstar+ (Indonesia). One Dollar Lawyer is headlined by one of my favorite actor, Namgoong Min (who won – yet again – Daesang Award) and Kim Ji Eun. I love Namgoong Min in Stoveleague and Good Manager as well enjoy in Doctor Prisoner and other series, he has this unique acting that very entertaining. Kim Ji Eun is equally good in Doctor Prisoner (yes, they reunite) and Again My Life. It is funny and yet has depth to it, which acted well by both. Storyline while it is a bit of predictable one (lawyer with struggling background, wanting to help the society and there is always complexity with some evil Chaebol and Corrupt Judges / Prosecutors)  but it is a theme that I like. May It Please the Court is another legal thriller in Disney Hotstar+ headlined by Lee Kyu-Hyung and Jung Ryeo-Won. Jung Ryeo-Won acted well in Wok of Love and Witch at Court, which I enjoy. Lee Kyu-Hyung, I have not come across so far, but he played in Hi Bye Mama and Prison Playbook as well Doctor John. I am pleasantly surprised though that I grow to enjoy Lee Kyu-Hyung acting, the guy can act well, not just pretty face. These series are strongly anchored in legal backstory with all of the leads being lawyers and stories revolve around legal issues of various people in need.  There is a very nice bonus of comedy in both that I thoroughly enjoy, Namkoong Min for sure great at comedic timing and skill but I am pleased to see that Lee Kyu-Hyung can pick good timing and display good skill on comedy. I have a weakness for strong woman characters especially the funny ones, both Kim Ji Eun and Jung Ryeo-Won are able to transform themselves decently into strong yet funny heroine characters. As with other Namkoong Min series, his currently enjoy good rating.

Rom com fans can rejoice that the senior actor(s) / Actress(es) came back on new series. Love in Contract (headlined by one of the reigning romcom queens, Park Min Young and solid actor, Go Kyung Pyo as well as Kim Jae-Young), Love is for Suckers (headlined by Veteran in Romcom Choi Si-Won and Lee Da-Hee who is cracked actress as well) and the Law Café (headlined by one of the reigning romcom King Lee Seung-Gi and experienced actress Lee Se-Young with load of comedic talent). Love in Contract is a creative spin of the usual contract relationship variety with the usual chaebol backstory and the leads have sad childhood background. However, there are a lot of funny and comedic moments that make it worth watching, despite it is currently of lower rating. It has ingredients to be sleeper hit if it is consistent at the current tone. Love is for Suckers is about two buddies (with platonic is it or isnt it moment) who go through ups and downs life together with ditched at the altar moments, left great job at hospital moments, which create depth of the story. Choi Si-Won and Lee Da-Hee mastered comedic timing and as well have good chemistry to carry the series so far, makes me continue to watch the series. Lastly in this category is the Law Café. The premise of the story is a combo of romcom and legal drama which introduce different legal woes as small story within the episodes. With Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young, there are a lot of comedic moments as well as romantic moments that get kicked off with passionate kiss even in early episodes. The legal drama as well as family dynamic are both equally interesting to watch. It is no wonder this series receive high rating, it is truly enjoyable !

If you are into action series, you have to watch Bad Prosecutor (headlined by D.O and Lee Se-hee)  and Good Job (headlined by Jung Il-Woo and Kwon Yuri). What makes both entertaining and maybe at least sleeper hit material is they both many comedic moments that is equally entertaining as the action is thrilling. Bad Prosecutor have legal backstory which is a bit typical with the usual evil Chaebol flavor, what makes it interesting is the chemistry between D.O and Kim Sang-ho as well as with Lee Se-hee, that emphasize the ‘bad’ as in bad boy prosecutor. I have never seen D.O acting before but in Bad Prosecutor he acts well and so are the casts and so far they are rewarded with good rating for their early episodes. Good Job’s Jung Il Woo and Kwon Yuri without doubt are veteran casts. They are truly unfortunate to be put as replacement of landmark success Extraordinary Attorney Woo so the leftover emotion shift from this extraordinary series to Good Job shows in the rating, but the rating itself is not bad at all, defeating Adamas and If You Wish Upon Me, headlined respectively by even more veteran and highly popular casts, Ji Sung and Ji Chang Wook. There is a bit mix of super power in the story, with action flavor and strong comedy undertone.

While there are many dramas, so far I have chosen to watch If You Wish Upon Me simply because I love the casts. I am a die hard fans of Ji Chang Wook and love both Soo Young and Sung Dong-Il. It is a story inspired by the Ambulance Wish Foundation story originally started in the Netherlands. The story itself is truly beautiful and will touch many hearts especially those love to give back and grant wishes for the ones in need. This is one story for this month where the characters developed beautifully through episodes with a lot of deep learning and will get you reflect where you are in life right now. I don’t watch too many touching series because shedding tears watching entertainment program to me is not something I like doing, so I only watch selected drama that brought tears to me (39 is one of them, that one remind me to value my dearest girlfriends, but that’s for another story I guess). This is one of them.  While their rating is not great, I learn there are various reasons why is so and it may not have anything to do with whether or not I like and enjoy the story so for this one I decided to go ahead watching (and now recommending to you) and ignoring the low rating.

There are other K-drama that are great, I simply have not watch them so I cannot yet review them. So what have you watch so far and tell me why you like them.

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