Confidential Assignment 2; One Movie I Have Not Able to Move On From.. Too Funny Too Thrilling !

It has been more than 10 days I last watched Confidential Assignment 2 and I still smile remember some of the scenes from the movies, the comical timing is just so great to me. 

The story picked up Agent Im Chul-Ryung (Hyun-Bin) who got sent to yet another mission to target a crime syndicate head by the name of Jang Myung-Joon (played by Jin Sun-Kyu). Chul-Ryung then went to South Korea following leads and of course teamed again with detective Kang Jin-Tae (Yu Hae-Jin) who is now being grounded and demoted as cyber crime officer vs his old more prestigious role at violent crime unit. Meanwhile as Chul-Ryung in the past already went after Leader Jang in US, he butt head with FBI agent Daniel Henney and lo and behold they bumped each other in South Korea going after the same crime leader. As part of backdrop, we have the dynamic of Kang Jin-Tae family with his fierce wife and her sister played by Lim Yoon A. 

First and foremost, I have watched Daniel Henney in CSI many times in the past and I thought he was Chinese American.  I was nervous to see his name in this movie and thought he will stick out like sore thumb. Much like Matt Damon in Chinese movie The Great Wall. He didn’t ! He fit really well chemistry-wise with Hyun-Bin and Yu Hae-Jin. I do not understand Korean really well nor speak, but having watched many (and perhaps in its Korean word manh-i) Korean series and some of their movies, I thought Daniel Henney spoken Korean quite well for his part of dialogue to make it passable. Secondly Lim Yoon A acting is as funny as Yu Hae-Jin, they carry the comedic undertone really well although both Daniel Henney and Hyun-Bin are equally adept as veteran actors in their part of comedic timing. It made me think that the writers wrote the story and scenario really well. There are truly funny scenes carried out collectively seamlessly like when Hyun-Bin and Daniel entered Yu Hae-Jin house or (as usual) drunken moments of Lim Yoon A with Hyun Bin. They are classic but carried out really well. Third the action and fighting scenes are done really well with all the action actors carry their fighting scene neatly. While some of the conspiracy theory can be a bit far reaching and played a bit awkwardly by some of actors yet it doest not made the movies awkward at all to me. 

I laughed all the way through the movies as well happily entertained by the movies to the point coming out the movie smiling ear to ear happily. I am not much of Hyun-Bin fans, his acting not as exciting as some of other korean actors but he did really well in this movie, hitting all the right high point in the movie. Yu Hae-Jin to me deserve an equal accolade with shouldering major comedic moments successfully be it with his Dongsaeng(s) as well as his family. He carried his fighting scene well too which enliven some critical scenes as well. 

Verdict, this is a movie for me I can watch several time and I will.

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