Supermom Syndrome, what to watch out

During this hibernating period, I come to realize that becoming stay at home mom is not as easy as it seem. Having experience for more than 15 years as a career woman, I still sometime struggling to handle things at home. This writing is not about comparing which one is better, being house wives or career women. But as I have done both let me share some things that you might not aware of, especially if you plan to switch gear from working mom to stay at home mom.

24/7 parenting is only a myth

Ignorance is a bliss, this is so true. Stay at home parent mean we will spend more time with our kids. And we start seeing things that we might missed before. Since we decide to ditch our payday and career path, we start to have first sign of supermom syndrome by trying to fix everything. And guess what, the more you know something need to be fix, the more overwhelmed it become. The more you are “perfectionist”, you might getting more stress trying to become supermom. So just remember 24/7 parenting is only a myth, we are human that have limitations. Just try to do our best.

Multitasking is a must

Our education system not really equip us with parenting 101. Most of us learning this from our parents and by just doing it. Some of us really have strong maternal traits and some is just adequate. But whatever it is, being stay at home mom, multitasking is a must. You need to be prepared becoming chef, driver, teacher, finance manager, marketing, doctor, dentist, etc. Or get ready to suddenly do something unpredictable like for example pulling baby teeth at the middle of the night, or to help your kid to recite his assignment speech just one day before the dateline. This is another sign of supermom syndrome. The key is always stay positive and just try to our best.

Pick carefully your social agenda

Having more times at home, we will start to have more and more social agendas that coming to our notice. From neighborhood, school community, relatives, old school mates, etc. STAY FOCUS ! and pick carefully your social agenda. We don’t need to be social butterfly. I have seen many stay at home moms being too busy with these social agendas and end up never have time for their children and families. Great postings in social media sometime so alluring and create happiness, but remember the reason why we choose to be stay at home mom. We need to be selective in our social agendas. I would suggest no more than 3 times a week hanging out with enriching social circle that help you growth to be a better person.

Support System Challenges

Being stay at home mom mean to be juggling things around on daily basis. Your working hours will start when you open your eyes in the morning until you close it again in the evening. Supports system like maids, driver, private tutors, etc might can help to reduce some of the burden, however nowadays good support system is getting more and more challenging. It’s a common things now that we changes maid like 3 times a year. Especially when you have young kids at home, these helpers seem to avoid it. Tips : Always have a plan B ready for example like always have contact number of Laundry shop to pick up your dirty laundry.

Be ready to be taken for granted but Don’t forget ME time

An overwhelming majority of people say that stay-at-home parents should be valued equally to their working counterparts, but I’ve done both and found that to be lip service. In reality, when you have a career, people will value you more. Choosing to be Stay at Home Mom, you need to be ready to be taken for granted. Just remember everyone will have to choose how they will spent their life, time is really valuable. So always try not to regret your choices and be happy with it.

DON’T FORGET TO HAVE ME TIME, this is a must to stay happy and positive. We have supermom syndrome when we tend to try so hard to be supermoms, and it can easily make us burnt out and depression. Having good me time to refresh and refueling our happy energy is a must. Hanging out, working out together with friends, shopping are some of the examples. Lastly, don’t worry be happy, whatever mom type you choose to be, you are always be a Supermom for your loved ones ! Cheers ❤️

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