Crazy Funny Movie : Lottery Landing On You

While some Korean movies can be funny, to me that is always by product and secondary genre for example rom-com, thriller with com. I have never really watched a Korean comedy genre, simply because I have not come across one. It just so happen there is a new(ish) movie called 6/45 – Lottery Landing on You that is of comedy genre. It has Go Kyung-pyo, Pak Se-wan, Lee Yi-kyung, Kwak Dong-Yeon and Eum Moon-Suk. There is also Lee Soon-won and Joon Hyuk-Lee who are veteran actors.

The story is about winning lottery ticket that travel somehow weirdly for long distance and get picked up by South Korean soldier (Park Chun-woo, played by Go Kyung-pyo) and for some reason flew out of his hand and cross Military Demarcation Line due to the win and to the North Korean border and get picked up by North Korean soldier (Yong-ho played by LeeYi-kyung). Given this is a 5.7 Mil Won lottery ticket, Chun-woo would not just give up but strive to find a way to get it back even if it means he need to cross to the border and came in contact with Yong-ho. In the process each sides expanded to include their commanders and their comrades (who just happen to be the information technician in each side). These teams then have to forget their differences, get to know each others and work together to overcome nearly impossible challenges. At the same time, Chun-woo often in his typical propaganda call, faces his nemesis (Ri Yeon-hee played by Park Se-wan) on the other side, and when they met each other, sparks fly. Can they finally get the money cashed in and divide as per plan ? What happen to Chun-woo and Yeon-hee ?

I am currently watching Go Kyung-puo in Love in Contract and in the past has watched Dont Dare to Dream, Private Lives and Warm and Cozy. He is not a comedy player. Yet, he was awfully funny in the movie with perfect timing and as well expression and body language. I love the interaction between him and Park Se-wan when they were doing propaganda with each other as well being flirtatious throughout the movie. Park Se-wan also acted well, both in term of comedic moments and as well the even the action piece like when she was threaten and harassed by the North Korea commander. The rest of stars are known to be good or even great comedic-wise like Lee Yi-kyung as well as Kwak Dong-Yeon.

I laughed all the way through the movies and in a nearly fully attended session (which is very rare for Korean movies), I can hear the laughters throughout the movies. Definitely a must see, especially after difficult days at work or wanting to have funny comedic movie-date.

Verdict : Funny to the bone !

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