Black Adam – another Justice Society Movie

I have to admit that I love any movies with super power genre. It is just to me motivating to see the very best in people and reminding me that when we strive hard enough in life, we can be the very best we can be and sometime beyond our imagination.

I love super power and I also love the Rock. I watched him in Jumanji franchise, Tooth fairy and Red Notice, among others. I like his comedic sense and his body is built like super power. I love also ancient history and myth. So I thought I will enjoy Black Adam. 

I forgot that Justice Society movie has noir sense with dread filled nearly every scene. I guess it needs to have different undertone versus Marvel franchise. It wants to adopt more adult tone. Black Adam is a movie where I do not see even a hint of smiling The Rock. He just there being his brooding self. It is kind of weird for me to see a broody the Rock. Him being broody violent super hero is a bit difficult for me to take in. 

But let me walk you through the story first. The story start in Kahndaq (Baghdad ?), in which a guy called Teth Adam was blessed with super power by the Gods. He unfortunately used (or abuse) it for revenge 5000 years ago and imprisoned as punishment. 5000 years later he is liberated and get involved with liberation movement of current day Kahndaq with the Intergang syndicate crime who control Kahndaq. Liberation movement that is led by Isis (Sarah Shahi).  In which then Justice Society get involved represented by Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Dr Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noel Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell). 

There is enough twist and turn to make the movie interesting and thrilling albeit the same kind formula in which people close to you can betray and super hero have their doubt moment, or typical super hero weakness and grand entrance. However what make it is also interesting is the interaction among all the casts which have a bit of humor to cover the no-humor the Rock. Noel Centineo carry much of lighter moments bravely, he has a lot to learn but his awkwardness in comedic moments kind of grow on me. Aldis Hodge interaction with the Rock is quite entertaining and enjoyable in their banters. Not enough acting of Quintessa but given that it is a start, there maybe more of her in different DC movies as well as Noel to hopefully grow stronger in the next ones. 

The ost, the setting and the fighting scene is pretty standard to me of typical western action movie but that doesnt mean they are not entertaining if you are into this sort of action movies. You may not watch them multiple times but good to watch once with friends. 

Verdict : watch once.

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