My first meet and greet with Kdrama Actor

I started my first Kdrama journey in May 2020 during Covid lockdown. I got bored and have exhausted all western movies in Netflix and @sofiaandyasuri suggested some of Kdrama to watch and said she has started watching them. @luckywati was already deep into Kdrama many many years ago but this was the area I didn’t want to touch because I don’t want to get addicted. I can easily binged watching or even reading a book until past midnight forgetting I have work the next day. But with covid lockdown I don’t have many things to do – going out seem to risky so Kdrama it is.

My first Kdrama was “Clean with passion for now” which got me interested to finish the series as it was funny. Then I moved on to “Oh my Venues” and OMG I got hooked with So Ji Sub and Shi Min Ah. And that’s how my love of Kdrama started.

While @sofiaandyasuri have done her first maiden fan meeting, meeting Song Joong Ki (SJK) was my first. I didn’t have much expectation because SJK visit to Jakarta was not for a fan meeting arranged by Agency but more of a visit as Brand Ambassador invited by Scarlett Whitening, local skincare brand and Buka Lapak. I only found out about his visit from my office colleagues who are also into Kdrama like me. Scarlett’s original plan was to hold meet and greet with SJK open to public in Central Park Mall. I was very skeptical about this because a free event means everybody can attend and holding it in a public place such as a Mall means it’s going to be very crowded. I am not sure if I want to be squeezed in and whether I can see him clearly from a far if I go.

Few weeks before the planned meet and greet, Central Park Mall had a similar event with Sehun Exo and it didn’t go well as visitors number exceeded the mall capacity. There was no chaos but the event had to be closed down as it was assessed to be unsafe due to over capacity. Fortunately, Scarlett listened to feedback given to them and re-assessed the situation. They decided to change the plan and convert it to a private event for their customers.

I am not Scarlett Whitening customer but I diligently followed their IG and also got Alyssa’s Nanny to follow. Work was intense and I had to go for business trip so I completely forgot about SJK until the day I landed back home on Thursday. Alyssa’s Nanny told me I can have a chance to get at ticket to meet SJK if I buy Scarlett Whitening product during their Beauty Verse event in Central Park on Thursday and Friday (the next day!). I had to go to work on Friday and I have back to back meetings all day so obviously I can’t go. Impulsively in the morning I asked Alyssa’s Nanny to go on behalf of me to Central Park and bought Scarlett Whitening Products. I didn’t receive any news from her. Only when I come home she told me that she managed to get a ticket for me and I would be able to attend the meet and greet tomorrow, wohoooo! So what happen was, if you a buy a product you get one chance to pick a lottery and if you buy a packaged you get 5 chance. So there is a possibility that you won’t get a ticket if you’re not lucky. When I told this to Hubbie he said if I go by myself with my luck most likely I won’t get a ticket lol. Scarlett only send out email to all participants at 7pm with joining instruction and QR Code to ensure the venue is kept a secret and known to guests only.

On D-day, Saturday to be exact I left home at around 9am thinking I can reach JCC at 10am as the gate will be opened at 11am. Instruction said I need to exchange my QR code for a ticket from 8 to 11am and they will close at 11am. Gate to the venue will be open starting 11am to 1pm. When I reached Senayan, I was shocked to see so many people out on the street and the roads were almost blocked. I was not aware that this morning there was “Nusantara Bersatu” event held by President at GBK. My driver took the wrong way thinking he could enter JCC from inside GBK and got trapped in a traffic. It was 15 minutes to 11.00 so I decided to get out from the car and hailed an empty Ojek on the road. Bless the Ojek driver, he was willing to take me to JCC. 15 minutes later he dropped me off in front of the gate and I run to the Hall B and managed to arrive 5 minutes past 11. I was among the last batch to arrive and later I saw several people still coming and many of them were running like me hahaha.

We were asked to queue where we the exchanged our QR code with a bracelet and we were given a goodie bag filled with a bottle of water, some snack, a paper fan and 2 Scarlett Whitening products; body serum and their newly launched ceramide cream. While sitting down waiting, I got a chance to observe all the attendees and I can guess that I was probably the eldest in the group and majority are on their 20s and probably early 30s. I quickly made friends with other girls as we were queuing together and they also came solo like me. The gate was opened at around 12 and we waited inside until the event started at 1pm.

The event started with Vierratale Band playing 5 songs, Scarlett Body Serum introduction & recording a MURI record breaking with all of us trying on the serum on our hands, new product launching 7x Ceramide cream and dancing performance which took a good 2 hours and at 3pm finally we have Song Joong Ki live greeting everyone. We got to see him on stage for 30 minutes where he interacted with all of us guided by Boy William as MC and Felicya Angelista as Scarlett Owner.

It was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 minutes interaction; seeing the actor greeted us and talking. He was as good looking and boyish as on screen and sounded humble. Everybody was super excited as me and we were busy cheering and I can tell he felt the love shared by all his fans. SJK really made the effort on his 30 minutes interaction with us. There are some lucky participants who got to be on stage and he insisted to hands in the present one by one himself and shakes their hands. We ended the event by him saying goodbye and waving. It was an enjoyable experience for me and this was my first time too. I understand an organized paid Fan meeting will be longer and more intimate but this experience brought by Scarlett is a good one. Considering this was almost a free event, as you only have to purchase their product for a chance to attend the event. I really appreciate how the event was organized very smoothly and professional. We were given snacks and drink as we waited until we got inside. And when we were inside I can see that the room capacity is much more Vs the participants. There is also toilet facility outside, a decent one too! There were less than 1000 of us and the room probably can accommodate 3000 people. It also helps that all of us were following rules as we all wanted the event to run in order. Thank you Scarlett for organizing the meet and greet. I am now excited for next week which will be my first experience on a paid fan meeting.

A snippet of the 30 minutes interaction

Some tips for a good experience

  • Have a proper meal before leaving so you have energy and go to the toilet first
  • Proper event will have a decent toilet facility but always bring tissue and hand sanitizer for just in case
  • Wear comfortable shoes i.e. not heels. You will have to walk a lot and stand on your feet
  • Wear pants and no skirt, unless you know you’re going to sit in VVIP seats.
  • Take sling bag and only bring necessary items so they are not too heavy and hurt your shoulder. You will be carrying your bag for hours
  • If the event is indoor bring outer in case it gets cold especially if you have to wait for hours
  • Plan the journey ahead and check if there is going to be another events on the area so you can be prepared on what road to take and what time you have to leave home. Always bring cash as you never know you will have to execute plan B which is to grab a Gojek to take you to venue on time.

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