My Top 5 Magazines – A Curated Selection of Fun and Insightful Magazines (for me)

I read a lot and that help me grow as both professional and individual. Magazines are my fave read because their articles typically short so efficient read, updated and in some, I found to be entertaining. I read for fun, but also to help me kept updated with technology / politics / economy, as well to help with ice breaker conversation (beauty, entertainment, trivias, hobbies and interest) and finally to help me grow my skill as professional, as parent / wife and as individual. 

Let me share with you several favorite magazines that has been great help to me as vast source of knowledge as well as taking good break from life routine for more than 20 years now

Vanity Fair. I started reading Vanity Fair during my MBA days in London more than two decades ago. It was cerebral magazine but not overly so, with vast range of interest. There are several magazines like it such as the New Yorker but for some reason I prefer Vanity Fair. I like its Editor then, Graydon Carter and also the current one, Radhika Jones. I havent started reading Vanity Fair when it was still Tina Brown but reading her book, Vanity Fair Diaries, I probably also would like Vanity Fair under her, too. I do not typically know nor care about who are the editors of a magazine but Vanity Fair editors leave strong imprints and statements that are impossible to ignore their influences in the article selections and overall themes. It typically has select business, politic and special interest articles. It has featured entertainment industry in an intelligent way. I upgrade my written English reading my way through Vanity Fair. It is enjoyable and insightful magazine. 

Wired. There are many technology magazines I read such as PC World and Apple World to name a few. But Wired have special place in my heart as it features the most interesting technology spread, even those that are still in proof-of-concept stage. I like the way its discourse in term of technology to look at dimension such as commercial as well humanity. If you are into game changing technology at times at embryonic stage, this is the magazine for you. To me it simply is one cool magazine that kept me on tren technology-wise and as well good ideation ground to spark growth I want from time to time.

Harvard Business Review. There are many business magazines I read. I simply love reading them for learning purposes and I read them religiously. There are many that I read such as Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes and Fortune. However, from time to time I need a little bit deeper journal-like magazine with research-based articles as well best-in-class thought leadership. HBR is it to me. No explanation needed. 

Vogue. While my nature has been much less interested in beauty and fashion growing up, during teenage period I realize that acceptance come from knowing these stuff in my era and then growing up even older I realize it is one great option of ice breaker. Vogue is as old-school magazine in this segment. If only focusing on beauty and fashion these days there are to me great alternative such as Allure or InStyle. Vogue to me is beyond these content also going deep on some life lesson and statements. From time to time it features topics that get me as feminist going and I love Vogue for that.

National Geographic. I sometime wants to go deep to specific topics that is non work non commercial. I love to go on tangent on topic such as religion, history (particularly ancient history), biology / health, etc. I read specialist magazines for niche deep interest topic for example Prevention for Health, Writing for Writing, etc but National Geographic is one magazine with wealth of specialist topics that are discussed in sprawling manner – with gorgeous pictures as bonus. It is to me almost like going on holiday and taking break from life whenever I pick National Geographic. 

Honorable mentions. On top of these fives magazines, there are some that I equally love while they are of different categories. First is Monocle. It is a unique magazine that is structured (then) unlike many others. It gives fresh perspective on ideas and agendas with a strong global undertone. Second is Beijing Review. I have deep interest in all things China, I invested 3 hours weekly to learn the language and read through loads of books on it. Beijing Review is magazine that I read through on keeping uptodate with all things China. It is probably censored but the humanistic side help me understand a bit more if you are vigilant on the undertone. Lastly, I am just started to learn on Crypto, it’s opaque nature and nascent in development require me to keep updated (which I am kind of out of breath trying to keep up), so I keep myself updated reading Crypto magazine. It is structured in the easiest possible way for layman like me to understand and enjoyable, too.

There you go, these are what keep me updated on how the world goes. You can now skip bring these magazines in your bag and keep them in many of magazine platforms available. I am on Zinio simply because I have long use Zinio and I am too lazy to move platform. If it aint there, then I buy the printed version. 

What are your favourite magazines that help you grow as individual and professional ?

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