Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

I am an avid Marvel fan. I have not missed any of Marvel movie and with my life schedule, it requires hard work to make it happen. Therefore I have gone through the excellent ones, good ones and average ones. Wakanda franchise is one of which I wasn’t very sure I want to watch, I am crazy about super power but I need to understand exactly what to get me excited, in the beginning I couldn’t catch what is the super power and also what is the context. Then I realize it is a lovely story about independence of a country, how a nation build itself on technology and of course women empowerment (my fave topic of course), and then it was the late Chadwick Boseman the lead, I am hopelessly hooked.

In its second installment, the CGI as always fantastic and lovely. It is what money can buy and Marvel can buy whole nine yard and then some. It is sight to behold as always when it comes to CGI in Marvel series but more than that, the imagination and the concept is quite nicely done. 

As you probably know by now that I love action movies and fighting scenes are something I love most in an action movie. In this Wakanda Forever movie, fighting scene is choreographed nicely, its mostly powerful close quarter hand combat and Okoye especially can carry the fighting scene well as well as Namor. Shuri still need a bit beefing up and practice some more for her fighting scenes, having said that knowing she was injured during the filming, it is indeed a challenging role for her.

The film main lead this time is Letitia Wright (Shuri),  Dominique Thorne (Iron Heart), Angela Bassett (Queen Ramonda) and Tenoch Huearta (Namor). I love Angela Bassett including in 911, but the rest am not familiar with and it is such a joy to discover rising stars. Love Danai Gurira who plays a strong Okoye, Martin Freeman also as always entertaining playing Ross. Tenoch is completely new actor to me and it is great to see him fight strongly while adding emotional touch to what is supposed to be villainous super power evil king nicely. There is still room for him to add his signature to his acting but hopefully there will be more opportunity in the next installment. This is the same with Letitia Wright who grow into her role strongly as well but there is still room to build signature to avoid becoming run-of-the-mill super heroes. 

Set, props and costumes are very nicely done, it was not overdone but at the same time able to maintain and even strengthen the Wakanda identity well. I feast over gorgeous set, props and costumers. 

The story itself that shows how a country going into turmoil when its dominant leader pass away, is a strong yet relatable and at the same time touching. It can be summed up as Wakanda : The Next Chapter, where post King T’Challa untimely death, Shuri must band with Nakia, Okeye and M’Baku to chart direction for their beloved Wakanda and protect from foreign and hostile actors. It is to me one of the strongest despite its simplicity in term of story line and I enjoy it very much.Technology is also context especially for Shuri, it is a great theme for young people to watch the movie and get inspired to plunge into technology learning.

For those of you who have not yet seen the movie, it is a lost not to feast over this movie. Of course as die hard feminist, I have a bias toward its strong feminist undertone, a great opportunity for bonding for me watching it with my other fellow feminist, my daughter. 

Verdict : A must see

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