Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q Sutanto

I read romantic comedy a lot over decades. Before the dawn of internet age (and Kdrama craze), it is one of my secret guilty pleasure that help me bridge difficult moments (and God knows I have a lot of them). I have read those written in English by international writers with variety of backgrounds and backstory of many nationalities. I always feel green with envy there is none with Indonesian background despite we are also interesting bunch of people with very diverse tribes / descents and languages, not to mention backstories.

Therefore I am excited when Jesse Q Sutanto published Dial A for Aunties and its successive series. It tells of story of migrant of Chinese Indonesian in US – and boy, arent they colorful bunch of people and incredibly funny ! It is a story about a girl named Meddelin Chan who grew up with her single mom and her aunties. She mistakenly killed a man who was harassing her (was match make by her mom through dating apps) and then the story become even more hilarious as she need to carry the dead man into a wedding job that she and her mom and aunties need to deliver in an island – where she then meet her ex gorgeous boyfriend.

I love the stories about the aunties, they all have different personalities and nearly describe stereotype of aunties in a typical family, not only Indonesia Chinese descent, but even in my own family with Aunties (including my own mom as one of the stereotype). I like Jesse naratives while highly humorous but also able to convey with respect and endearment. There is respect also to the Indonesia nods she adopted in her stories. The mix of humor, respect and endearment
The mix of humor, respect and endearment mix with the cross culture undertone including the British side, making the story is a rolicking romcom.

The story is now about to be translated into moving picture and I cant wait to see it on the screen !

Verdict : A must read for those romcom fan

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