JCW Reach You, Our Warm Fan Meeting Together

Among the three of us, hallyu wave actually hit me first. Long before my besties, I already watched KDrama or listen to KPop. I am so happy now that my besties also share this shallow obsession .. IT’S TRIPLE FUN NOW 😊 !!!

If I am not mistaken we started dreaming to meet Ji Chang Wook (JCW) back in 2020. For me, HEALER is one of my all time favorite KDrama. I think both of my besties hooked up with JCW through SUSPICIOUS PARTNER. So we have no dispute in favoriting JCW 🥰.. We used to imagining what we would do or say if we got a chance to meet him in person. So when Mecimapro (the event organizer) announced that JCW will be having fan meet in Jakarta, immediately we bought 3 most expensive tickets, blue category – Rp 2,600,000, hoping that we get a chance to have better view of him in person. Honestly, that time, I only have a very slightest idea what activity that people do in Fan Meeting, especially the paid one. I admit on this area I was behind compare to my two besties which did fan meeting before. But since it will be the three of us meeting our favorite korean actor, I wouldn’t want to miss the FUN.

D Day, December 3rd 2022, we planed to meet up before the event. After discussing now and then, dress code pink decided. For you who never been to this kind of event, after the pandemi the are a lot of new regulations, such as health protocol, bag policy, camera policy, etc.

So before the event here are things that we need to prepare (We really plan ahead ! hehehe)

  • 1. Transparent bag, maximum A4 – I admire my to besties which indeed going all out by purchasing their transparent bags as investment.
  • 2. Print out of complete vaccine certificates.
  • 3. Comfortable shoes – No high heels
Our transparent bags

We met at Kokas early… around 3 hours before the show start. One of the reason is because our ticket redemption need to be done in advance, which in my opinion only creating extra work for ticket holder. However for this event we are very lucky because we got help on ticket redemption from Aza and Ajeng, our pretty front liner in KPOP ticketing. After they did our ticket redemption, we had fun lunch together. From the girls we learned a lot about this kind of events. They really are avid kpop fans, who tell us that most of their friends are KPOP fans that spent most of their money for ticket concerts, fan meetings, merchandises, etc. This seem to be new phenomenon of youngsters at their 20s. Just forget about saving, they work hard to earn money, but they spent it hard also for their idols. Good business indeed for South Korea.

Finally we were entering the venue around 4PM. For me whom a bit worried we couldn’t take drink or food from outside the venue, the first sight of Snack and Beverage booth made me happy. Other facilities like toilet, praying area were also quite clean.

We also saw long queues that almost take up 70% of waiting area. For beginners like us, we just walked pass by those long queues because we thought it just people queuing to get a picture with big JCW posters. However it was actually the main reason most of the people went to this event, to write our name and wish at “make a wish corner“, to get a chance to be picked by JCW via ballot to be on stage and receive special treatment and gifts directly from the actor. These realization came late, when we saw the ballot taken place on stage. We watched with envy, lucky fans whose got special treatments and gifs from JCW like being hug, got a selfie, got necklace gift, etc.

Another thing to note also, if we had Mecima membership – we got the opportunity to have a picture with the actor before the event start, though in my opinion the arrangement was not really great because until event about to start, this photo session was not finished yet, and these people which were waiting their turns, blocked the entrance.

In the venue – waiting area

When we enter the show hall – we saw the seats already arranged neatly and being numbered. We immediately looked for our seat numbers and we found out that for each seat there were freebies being provided, such as : JCW Photo card with his handwritten message printed behind it, long pamphlet, hand fan, small light stick, and some water plus snack. The Photo with handwritten message was the highlight, we can feel JCW warmness and sincerity, I believe most of the fans smile happily and TREASURE it.

The show start by MC opening, which we must admit really good in hyping up and very funny. By the time the actor came out from backstage, women start screaming and …. WOW…. HE IS SO HANDSOME IN PERSON ! No Dispute Here! Everyone agree hahahaha…. For you who are allergic to women screaming and mooning, this type of event is not recommended hahahaha…

There were parts of the shows : Singing, Drama photo Q&As, Renact scenes, Magic show, and Encore. Now and then there were lucky fans named that being called to meet and assist the actors on stage from Make a Wish ballot pool. Ninety minutes seemed to pass by quickly, we were enjoying the show. We could feel that Ji Chang Wook as happy as us to be able to meet the fans face to face. His warm smile and voice, sometimes look shy, oh my…. This man is so lovable. Three minutes video link that being embed here hopefully can give a bit idea about it. Really grateful to have Fanny as our main documenter who created this video nicely.

Finally after JCW singing encore, he needed to say good bye. Again we could feel his warm and sincerity. Sadly we must to bid him farewell. And when he was leaving the stage, people started to stand and get ready to leave. This was we suddenly heard surprise announcement that we need to stay in our seat because there would be “Hi Bye Session”. Ji Chang Wook want to meet and say bye to each of us personally ! Ahhh How Wonderful !...

For this Hi Bye, the EO arrange us to make one line queue based on our seats and walking out from the show hall in this line. So happy to saw that JCW really waited for us outside the exit door, standing very close with some glass barrier. He were waving to us one by one and even returned back my kiss bye !! Wow he is so attentive and very care about his fans for sure ! Our love degree to our favorite actor Ji Chang Wook increased drastically. We were going home very happy and still felt the warmness of JCW. It would take weeks to move on. I actually started to re-watch Healer and Backstreet Rookie hahaha.

This Ji Chang Wook Fans Meeting was a very wonderful experience for the three of us. The warm feelings from our favorite actor linger. And we started to make a list our favorite actors and plan for the next fan meeting hahahaha ! Cheers !

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