She Said : A Movie about Doing the Right Thing

Some movies were made for mostly entertainments, some were made for entertainments but with messages of values and some almost made for documentary of doing the right thing. She Said is the later. It is about the article that inspire #Metoo movement worldwide. It is also a movie about investigative journalism, much like some of my favorit movies of all time such as The Post, Spotlight and The Insider. 

I remember I read about the article from Vanity Fair and was too stunned then that something like this can happen in US unchecked for so long. I always thought then in US one need to be very observant in one behavior to avoid being in the situation that may cause distress even when the intent is well meaning. 

I am familiar with the detail then given the issue is of my interest, to protect and grow women professional to their full potential, hopefully even beyond their ambition. I remember I read several magazines of the same topics, with follow up articles. It was horrendous and worrying, even far in Indonesia I reflect on how to make sure the organisation I am at, truly observe doing the right thing including respecting and empowering diversity. 

What I do not realize so much then was the struggle the reporters have to experience in delivering this watershed article, as well the struggle for all the victims to agree to speak out. There is just so much barrier to overcome to speak out. 

She Said has great cast, if not at least in my mind, somewhat ensemble. We have Carey Mulligan (Megan Twohey), Zoe Kazan (Jodi Kantor), Patricia Clarkson (Rebecca Corbett), Andrea Braugher (Dean Baquet) and Sean Cullen (Lance Maerov). They may not be the cast of The Post with Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks but still it is still strong cast. The post natal depression Twohey experienced or struggle with family that Kantor experienced as investigative journalist, as well the subject that is truly heart wrenching and complex, portrayed well in the movie. As New York Times said in its review, it is a quiet , deliberate and no grandstanding kind of movie, it pays respect to the heaviness of the movie topic by doing so. I went home feeling on one hand scared for my daughter future, how it will continue to be difficult and need to be tackled industry-by-industry but at the same time there is hope that lights will be shed to dark corners by empowering more voices. 

The setting, the prop, costume, the pace, all of them are timed and designed well. It is probably replica of the offices but really done well. It is designed to contribute to the emotional build up of the movie tone. 

If there is one soft super power on American Movies, topic like this done quietly with less grandiose and pomposity, will touch people heart. Like mine.  I was expecting that there will be only 10 people watching in the theater on Monday evening, surprisingly it is quite packed quietly even without much hype in Indonesia. It is definitely a must see movie, if you miss the cinema, once it is streamed in one of the streaming platform, do take time and watch. Hopefully it remind you to always do the right thing on whatever the subject even if you are the last voice in the room agaisnt the most powerful people. It is a great movie to watch with friends or even family (husband and your grown up daughters and sons) then have dinner for nourishing discussion. 

Verdict : A must watch

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