Just one word to start, Wow ! What a story !

Stellar casting of Kim Rae Won (Kang Do Young), Cha Eun Woo (Jeong Tae-Ryeong), Lee Jong Suk (Jeong Tae-Seong, Lee Min Ki (Captain Hwang) and Byeong-eun Park (Cha Young-han) as well as Jung Sang-hoon (Oh Dae Oh). Strong acting from Kim Rae Won, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Sang-hoon and Nyeong-eun Park. Equally fascinating are the cameo appearance made by Lee Min Ki and Cha Eun Woo. Cha Eun Woo made debut on big screen and dramatic action movie successfully, his acting is right on the proportion. To me, he transformed from typical adorable male lead like those in True Beauty, tortured young man hero type, to be little brother of Naval officer that needs to make very devastatingly difficult decision. Lee Jong Suk acting well as antagonistic character although the viewers next to my husband continue to fell in love so that they root for him so much that it annoyed my husband to see them root for Lee Jong Suk character hoping that everyone dead in the movie. Adorable villain. He can bring the agony as villain with vengeance and deep sorrow into his acting start from his eyes and even how he fought with a lot of anger. Jung Sang-hoon is Robin to Kang Do Young Batman, and he played it very well coloring with dry humor and deep acting in his part. One other mention is Lee Sang-hee (Jang Yu-Jeong) as Kang Do-Young wife, not much of scenes but strong in every single one. 

Strong storyline, one of the most dramatic story line I have ever seen. It is about sinking submarine due to torpedo. Help will only come long after Oxygen runs out and CO2 level raise above dangerous level. This is the backstory to the present day string of bombs installed accross the cities activated by noise. Simply said, it is a gripping heart wrenching story from beginning to the end. The technology of the story for example the bomb mechanism activated by noise, it is not well explained. The conspiracy plot also is very thin in explanation. However, the back story and the present day conflict already consuming viewers in term of the intensity of the story, it is aceptable not to have the full story for this movie. I still left with reflection on the moral dilemma raised by the movie a day after I watch the movie, the story is that interesting to me. 

Fighting actions are few in the movies, they are not as powerful as typical action Korean movie but it is still at the average level. While movements choreographs very few, the expressions during the fight by Kim Rae Won and Lee Jong Suk bring the intensity of the fight into another level. Cinematograph of the movies is a cut above typical action movies with more pictureques scene such as the ones in the pool also equally dramatic the scenes where Sang Hee Lee defused the bomb.

Most of Korean movies are for one time viewing only, but I would watch this more than once despite this is a genre that I do not want to watch more than once. I enjoy the entertainment that much out of Decibel. I watch it yesterday to a near full capacity cinema, which is quite unusual and therefore watch it, dont miss out. 

Verdict : Absolutely a must watch

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