Korea Procedural Series Can Be Engaging – The First Responders

I have to confess that while it is an exciting stories about first responders, my first motivation to watch is Kim Rae Won. I am a fan of his series / movies. Additionally it is also headlined by Son Ho Jun who is funny and heart wrenching in both his series Was It Love and My Secret Terius.

The First Responders is interesting series in which it has different stories with each episode but at the same time there is one consistent theme across episodes, which also sometime the structure for procedural series. The story within each episode is a mix between cold cases murders, kidnapping, assisted suicides, etc, the story within each episode is strongly developed and thoroughly entertaining as well as informative. I finished watching every episode and learning something new. The build up of the pace of each episode is very nicely done as well with a lot of twists and turns that make you gripped your seat. It is for sure high energy series up to now, very fast paced.

Development of the characters also being done very well, detective Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) who is relentless in his pursuit of clues and daring (read : crazy) in handling difficult situation, senior fire fighter Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Jun) who is thoroughly meticulous and methodical in investigation and calm in handling very difficult live threatening situation as well as Song Seol ( Gong Seung-yeon ) who is the paramedic who is all hearts so much sometime taking high risk action to save the victims. Each of them have their emotional build up individually and with each other very nicely too. You can sense romance is building up three way just like typical Korean or any drama, which spices the series well too. Kim Rae Won played the daring cop very well with the bike riding scenes and other daring scenes as well the conflicts scenes.

The supporting cast of this series also makes the series even better for example Kang Ki-doong who plays sidekick to detective Jin Ho Gae as well as Seo Hyun-chul who played Detective Baek who is detective Jin Ho Gae, both of them seriously laughing in the stomach funny. The supporting cast get their characters to be developed well, which is a bit unusual but make the episodes and the series richer. The fact it is a 12 episode series to me as it means fast paced despite all the characters are pretty well developed.

Videography / cinematography of the series is typical Korean standard, which means a nice one on a frame by frame basis, supported with suitable costumes and props suitable for the genre and as well technology is not far behind Western ones. The combination make the series, each episode is enjoyable until now. For sure I enjoy thoroughly this series. If you want to find something to binge this new year weekend, this 12 episodes (finale on 31st Dec for season 1) is something you can consider.

Verdict : A Must Watch

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