Til We Meet Again My Treasure – Sarangheyo Indonesia 2022

December 10th, 2022 is one memorable date for me since it was my first time got a chance to see TREASURE performance live. Being KPopers and YG stan, the moment I’ve heard that this YG maknae group going to perform in Jakarta in Sarangheyo Indonesia (SHI) music festival, I got panic attack because I haven’t bought the ticket.

A bit about Sarangheyo Indonesia

Actually Sarangheyo Indonesia is not new korean music festival in Jakarta. I’ve heard this before, I think in 2017 or 2016 when there was iKon in the line up. So for SHI2022, the ticketing already being opened in January but no line up being confirmed yet, I was not sure even though YG Artist usually participate in SHI. In August 2022, Dian said that she want to watch SHI, I was still not sure about the line up, so I didn’t join her when she bought the ticket. So when they finally announced TREASURE as the first artist in October, i felt so regretful for not purchasing the ticket early.

For SHI 2022, Mecima finally announced the complete and final line up in November 18, and as usual YG Entertainment artist participate. My Blue ticket already secured and I was ready to meet TREASURE for the first time – SO EXCITED !

Final Line Up SHI 2022

The day before SHI, we should do our ticket redemption. Actually this was my first experience, and could not really imagined what it would be like. It turn out to be a drama, the redemption process was not well managed. The long queues around 3-4 hours for ticket redemption in open area during rainy season was not a good experience at all. Most of us were drenched due to the heavy rain. And even finally it was our turn, everything was done manually by checking names in paper ! Can you imagine hundreds or maybe thousand names to be checked manually, and event the wrist band seem to be given randomly … I really think MECIMA need major improvement in how they manage big event, especially in administration part… Happy to help 🙂

D-1, Ticket Redemption Drama

D Day – December 10th 2022 !

Finally The D Day ! Excited about to meet TREASURE, we came so early with Orange dress code… haha talking about being stand out in the baby blue crowd of Treasure Fans (Teumes). Good thing on the D Day weather is nice, not raining but also not too hot. The revelation about how Treasure Maker Indonesia (Teumes INA) really excited to see TREASURE in person maybe a bit surprising for Dian hehehe…. Like how the girls dress up in blue, the screaming and sing along when we heard a bit of soundcheck process… hehehe… At first since we were wearing orange. they were not aware that I am TEUMES also hehehe, but when someone notice my light stick and Park Jeong Woo picture some teumes becoming very excited and asking lot of questions about my bias, how we become Teumes, etc.

In The Waiting Area

Since we came a bit early, we got a chance to spend some times in the waiting area. They had big tent for waiting area, where we could find a long and big wall banner to take picture with the line up poster. The food stalls also OK, this time I saw fresh juice stall and seafood corner. After the gate is open, the crowd move to inner part of istora to wait a bit before we can enter the venue. In this area they have praying room, toilet, foto booth, and more food stall.

Entering the venue, we were being welcome by the big stage and big screens at the front area. All of us so excited and the atmosphere is really great. When they start to play some video musics, the crowds getting warmed up, especially when TREASURE’s music video being played the screaming and sing along was getting louder hehehe.

First Performer – Jun K

After the MC Opening (Indra Herlambang), the first performer was JUN K, main vocal of 2PM. As an opening act JUN K delivered very well, we could feel the energy, excitement from his performances. And I think his back up dancers also cute hehehe. When he sang “puts your hand up” the crowd getting louder in sing along. I believe He also thankful and happy with the audience and welcoming venue. Before good bye he mentioned that he would come again later because he love Indonesia. Thank you JUN K, we create good memory together 🙂

Samchong Young Tak

The second to perform was Young Tak, Senior Trot singer. Trot is a genre of Korean popular music, known for its use of repetitive rhythm and vocal inflections. Similar to dangdut in Indonesia. Trot was originating during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the first half of the 20th century, so it’s more popular among the elderly in Korea and not so much among the youngster. However Young Tak performances could really bring the audiences enjoy it even though most of them are teumes whose below 30s. Around one hour performance, Young Tak session was the longest and successfully enjoyed by the audience.

Zion T

For the third performance, stage was being set up for live music. Time for ZION T, a South Korean hip hop and R&B singer signed to The Black Label, a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment managed by Teddy Park and Kush. I am not sure if it’s because R&B and Jazzy genres, or because he was the act before TREASURE, energy level of the crowd a bit decreasing. Atmosphere become calm and cozy, less screaming crowd. For around enjoyable 45 minutes Zion T performed and the crowd was restless waiting for TREASURE hehehehe.

Finally TREASURE Performances !!

TREASURE singing “Boy”

When TREASURE was being announced Teumes INA getting wild and much louder. Teumes sing along “VolKno” when they played the music videos before our TREASURE show up. And Finally their first song “Hello” is being performed….So Happyyy…. the Audience were screaming and singing along…. the blue ocean of Treasure Lightstick was so beautiful. Second song performed was “Darari”, watched them live singing was so satisfying. Our Treasure so much handsome in real life, 10 members look so fine and radiate a warm happy feeling – celebrity aura. Though I need to admit Haruto’s stage presence is top notch and Jihoon is so full of energy (Sorry Jeongwooyaa for a bit swerving hahaha). After bit small talk and aegyo from each member guided by MCs, they performed “JIKJIN”, “Boy” non stop. All the time during their performance Teumes INA sang along and created beautiful blue ocean with the light sticks.

I love them trying to communicate with us Teumes in Bahasa Indonesia. They shared that they will come again next year to Indonesia and off course the crowd so happy. Afterward they performed “My Treasure”, “MMM”, and “I Love You” as an encore. When they said farewell all of us Teumes feel so sad… 30 minutes performance seem too short and not enough ! Some Teumes I saw getting emotional and start crying… well it’s understandable… some of them coming from outside Jakarta, and the effort like 4 hours queuing for ticket redemption or coming to the venue since morning not quite match up with only 30 minutes performance.. I also felt a bit disappointment because other performers could performed longer.. But Treasure already give their best… I am so proud to be their fan.

Btw I am so grateful knowing many fancams of TREASURE in Jakarta performance being posted in youtube by Teumes. Even though maybe so-so in term of quality, at least I can rewatch their performance again. For you who might want to check it out, I would recommend to watch full fan cam (around 30minutes).

This Experience to watch korean music festival with my bestie Dian is so memorable. We are creating a very wonderful memory together in 2022 🙂 . I think I have converted Dian to become Teume also hehehehe… And you know what…. Couple of days ago they were announcing TREASURE Jakarta Concert in March 2023, We are so ready boys..Til we meet again My TREASURE…. SARANGHAEYO !

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